ActiveState Komodo IDE for Windows

ActiveState Komodo IDE for Windows

Компания ActiveState Software выпустила продукт Komodo IDE 8, новую версию, получившей множество наград, интегрированной среды разработки web-приложений. Разработчики смогут использовать предлагаемые инструменты для написания, отладки и распространения программного кода. Поддерживаются распространенные динамические языки программирования Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby и Tcl, а также языки javascript, CSS, HTML и XML. Среди внесенных усовершенствований стоит отдельно отметить расширенные возможности отладки сценариев javascript, средство просмотра DOM Viewer, инструмент HTTP Inspector и др. А дополнительная поддержка «каркасных» систем, таких как Ruby on Rails и CakePHP, а также клиентских библиотек Yahoo! UI Library и Dojo, позволяет сосредоточить весь процесс разработки в рамках рабочей среды Komodo.

So you're a Web application developer? Developing in Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby or javascript? Are you a Linux, Mac or Windows user? No matter what your choices are, the answer is ActiveState's Komodo IDE, an impressive cross-platform and cross-language environment for building Web applications. And oh yeah, it's a really great tool that makes working in all these languages a breeze.

Multi-language editor
Multi-language support

Advanced support for:
Browser-side technologies: CSS, HTML, javascript, and XML
Server-side languages: Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl
Web template languages: RHTML, Template-Toolkit, HTML-Smarty, and Django
Autocomplete and calltips
Write code faster and shorten the learning curve with code completion that guides you as you work
CSS, HTML, javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, XML, and XSLT.
Schema-based XML/HTML completion
Multiple-language file support, such as CSS and javascript completion in HTML
Framework support for Rails and Zend
Support for adding third-party libraries
Interpreter version differentiation of built-in and standard library information
Multi-language file support

Correct syntax coloring of multi-language files and templated files, common in many web programming frameworks. Add custom language support with UDL.
Standard editing features

code formatting
code commenting
block selection
column editing

Syntax checking

Instant feedback for all fully-supported languages.
Syntax coloring

Spot errors easily and improve readability and context, even in multi-language files.

Inserts snippets from your toolbox at the touch of a key.
Vi emulation

Modal Vi keybindings emulate navigation, text insertion, and command behavior. Custom commands can be implemented by adding Komodo macros to a Vi Commands Toolbox folder.
Emacs keybindings

Emacs-like keybinding scheme supports new editor features modeled on Emacs, such as transient marks (similar to the Emacs "mark ring"), and repeat next command.

HTML preview

Check HTML, XML, and CSS in Komodo or ina browser using mapped file paths.
Multilingual Input Method Editor (IME) support

Use your standard keyboard to enter multi-byte characters, such as Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
Code snippets

Store any piece of code for reuse.
Code folding

Work quickly and efficiently with large sections of code.
Multi-document editing

Easily work on multiple documents simultaneously using multiple tab groups, split view, multiple top-level windows, and cross-document search.

Multi-language graphical debugger

The most powerful debugging capabilities for dynamic languages, anywhere.
javascript debugging
Ruby and Ruby on Rails debugging
PHP debugging
Perl debugging
Python debugging
Tcl debugging
XSLT debugging
Standard debugging features

Breakpoints, stepping, watched variables, call stack, and more.
Remote debugging

Debug Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl programs running on remote machines, with remote debugging libraries for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
Interactive shells

Experiment with code in real-time. Switch to interactive mode while debugging, and return. Supports javascript, Perl, Python, Ruby, and Tcl.

Multi-session debugging

Debug multiple applications—even with different languages—simultaneously.
Breakpoint manager

Manipulate breakpoint capabilities and store across debugging sessions.
Debug toolbar

Quick access to common debugging commands in Debugging tab or the main Komodo toolbar.
Debugger proxy

Simplify remote and multi-user debugging with a proxy that intelligently directs debugger communications.
CGI emulation

Full environment control while debugging web applications on your local machine.
DBGP debugger protocol

Add debugging support for any language you want.
Source code control integration
Support for several SCC systems

CVS, Perforce, Subversion, Git, Mercurial, and Bazaar

Standardized SCC commands

Add, Remove, Edit, Commit, Revert, Update, and Diff. Use one interface for accessing different SCC systems, so you don't have to remember the specific syntax for each one.


See the current SCC status of the files you are editing and files in projects.


A simple wizard for checking out local copies from a repository.

Revision history

List a file's revisions and compare them.

Group associated files together for committing or making patches.
Code browser

Easily navigate source structure in a tree view of code objects. Browse, locate, and jump to modules, namespaces, classes, functions, and variables.
Section List

The ultimate function list. Navigating documents—including CSS entries and XML nodes—faster than ever.

DOM Viewer

Easily navigate XML, XSLT, and HTML in a tree view of the document's DOM structure
HTTP Inspector
Inspect browser-server communications

Examine browser-server communications requests, allowing you to view and edit individual transactions.
Intercept and tweak browser-server traffic

Break on requests or responses and review, edit, and submit modified traffic.
Interactive shells

Interactive shell for manipulating javascript code, available within javascript debugging sessions.
Perl, Python, Ruby, and Tcl

Explore, prototype, and test your code. Enter statements, expressions and code fragments, independent of program files. Can be used standalone or as a shell that interacts from within a debugging session.
Unit Testing Integration

Run your test suites quickly and find any failure points in your source code fast and extensibility enables you to use your preferred unit testing framework. PHPUnit, Ruby rake test (as used by Ruby on Rails), Perl TAP-based test, PyUnit, and Nose are already integrated.
Store it

Store virtually anything, including configurable "Run" commands, macros, code snippets, URLs, Live and Virtual Folders, templates, menus, toolbars, and remote files.
Share it

Share a Toolbox with networked team members or distribute valuable Toolbox items to other Komodo users with the import/export function.

Rx (Regular Expression) Toolkit
Visual interface

Create powerful regular expressions painlessly with node tips, node highlighting, and shortcut menus.

Regular expression debugger

Easily evaluate and correct matched patterns. "Match mode" buttons provide Match, Match All, Split, Replace, and Replace All.

Regular expressions primer

Tutorial for those new to regular expressions.
Custom toolbars and menus
Personalize and extend

Add custom menus and toolbars for easy access to run commands and snippets, or create integrations with third party tools. Associate keybindings and icons with any item.
Macros and triggers
Save time and effort

Automate regular tasks with macros. Accessible in toolboxes and projects, they can also be run with a custom key binding or a Komodo event trigger.
Dig deeper

Advanced macros harness the power of javascript or Python using the Komodo Macro API, Komodo javascript API, and PyXPCOM. Documentation, auto-completion, and dozens user contributed examples on the ActiveState Community site will help you get started.
Run Commands
Sophisticated automation of any command line function

Save Run Commands in your toolboxes or projects to automate tasks and integrate with other tools on your system. Pass content from an editor tab to the command line and back. Use Komodo's interpolation shortcuts to save keystrokes.
Multi-user support
Share important data between multiple users

Configure a common data directory to share a toolbox, templates or Komodo configuration preferences.
XPI Extensions

Create your own plug-ins. XPI extension support provides the same capability as Firefox, with all standard Mozilla APIs based on XUL, XBL, and XPCOM, plus our own for Python and javascript. With an active community providing examples, advice and support, Komodo IDE's power is as boundless as your imagination.
Find and Replace in Files

Efficiently search directories to locate files containing particular patterns. Located files can be easily loaded into Komodo editor directly from Find Results pane. Replace in Files makes global code changes simple (and the preview and the undo makes it safe).
Find in Project

Quickly locate the code you're looking for.
Open/Find Toolbar

New way to open files and search for strings in currently open files.
Perl Dev Kit (PDK) Integration

Quickly create Perl executables or launch any of the PDK tools from a toolbar.
Project Templates

Easy to create and easier to reuse. Project templates are a great way to implement structure and functionality for the specific types of projects you work on.
File templates

Language-specific templates that get you started with the outline or formatting you need when you open a new file. Use embedded Tabstops and Interpolation Shortcuts to speed things up even more.
Help (I need somebody)

Including Komodo macro API documentation, all indexed with full text search. Komodo now uses Mozilla's help browser for quick topic searches.

Feature showcases

Visual step-by-step guides to using Komodo's key features.


Learn new languages and language-specific features.

Sample projects

Examples and sample files illustrate what you can do with Komodo.

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