Ashampoo Snap v 4.3.1 Final (Multilanguage)

Ashampoo Snap v 4.3.1 Final (Multilanguage)

Ashampoo Snap - программа для создания скриншотов и видео-презентаций, позволяющая захватывать все объекты на экране, включая видео. Таким образом, с помощью данной утилиты вы сможете с легкостью создавать видео презентации или обучающие видео ролики по различным программам, а также делать скриншоты всех объектов на рабочем столе. В программе имеется встроенный легкий в использовании графический редактор, который позволяет с легкостью редактировать сделанные снимки экрана так, как вам нужно и сохраняет готовые картинки в одном из форматов. С помощью Ashampoo Snap вы сможете делать видео захват, захват окна прокрутки веб-сайта, захват одного окна, захват свободной прямоугольной области, захват области в свободном стиле и захват установленной рамерами области. Интерфейс программы переведен на несколько языков, включая русский язык.

Особенности программы:
- Захват окон с за-экранным содержимым
- Захват целых текстовых документов, электронных таблиц, веб-страниц и веб-сайтов
- Полная поддержка нескольких мониторов
- Полная поддержка на совместимость с Windows Vista
- Новые эффекты для захвата
- Наиболее простое и быстрое использование
- Интерактивные справочники помогут вам разобраться в программе (имеется поддержка на русском языке)
- Новые и усовершенствованные инструменты редактирования изображения
- Расширенный пользовательский интерфейс
- Многоязычная поддержка, включая русский язык

With the new Ashampoo Snap 4 you can capture just everything on your screen!

Ashampoo Snap 4 enables you to create high-quality screenshots, videos and demos of your screen content. Edit, save and share your excellent results with others. This new version offers lots of innovative features and improvements, especially in the areas of video capture and editing tools.
The new video mode
Use the video mode to create videos and demos tailored to your needs. Capture film sequences or computer games (in a window) and save them as high-quality video files. You can also produce demos like video tutorials for software or presentations of websites. Videos and demos can be saved in different formats using various codecs. New fantastic features, like cursor and zoom effects, are available during video capture. Furthermore a recording can be paused and resumed anytime, in order to, for example, switch between applications or prepare the screen content. Of course, you are not limited to the main screen anymore, because Ashampoo Snap 4 also supports multi-monitor environments.
Even more editing tools for your screenshots
Create perfect-looking screenshots of your entire screen content or specially selected parts. After making a screenshot, an intuitive editor opens automatically and provides you with extensive editing tools, with which you can make your shots even more individual and original. Enhance your screenshots with, for example informative hints, arrows, texts, graphics, shapes, stamps and lots more, in order to convey facts or other topics in your shots easier and more illustrative.

Whether for work, for school or in your spare time - create screenshots and videos in no time and fill your colleagues, classmates or friends with enthusiasm for your amazing results.

New features:
• All new video capture technique with new effects/options
• New cursor and zoom effects for video capture
• Support of more codecs/containers for video encoding
• Support of multi-monitor environments
• Pause the video recording
• Improved highlighting tool (more than one area)
• Objects, for example arrows, texts, shapes etc., are now editable
• High-quality objects (anti-aliasing etc.)
• Support of the Ashampoo Photo Commander format for import and export
• Stamps and graphics that can be added to screenshots
• Import/export of the whole application configurations in one INI file
• Send several screenshots as a single PDF file by e-mail

New and improved features at a glance:
• Improved editing of objects. All objects, like texts, arrows, shapes etc., can now be edited as often as you want. In Ashampoo Snap 4 objects have their own edit panel at the bottom of the screen.
• Higher display quality of objects. The display quality of objects was also improved (anti-aliasing, transparency and high quality shadow effect).
• New features in the editing mode. In Ashampoo Snap 4 the highlight tool is not limited to a single area anymore. You can now highlight multiple areas. Create great screenshots by adding stamps or graphics, which the program provides for you.
• Different video capture methods. In the video mode you can choose between two video capture methods. You can either save your recording on-the-fly or you can save the recording in the buffer first, and then create a video file (WMV or AVI).
• More video codecs and formats. The new Ashampoo Snap 4 supports even more output formats for video encoding. The following codecs: Windows Media Video 7, 8, 9, Screen / Advanced (VC1) and all on the system installed codecs for AVI files (for example Xvid, DivX etc.) are supported.
• New cursor and zoom effects in the video mode. During a video recording you can now use the new cursor and zoom effects. You can decide whether to show or hide the cursor. Furthermore you can highlight the cursor, for example by using a colored circle. Make use of the new zoom effect and zoom into a particular area while recording.
• Improved auto-scrolling screen capture. Capture the entire contents of a text document or web page, which you would have to scroll down, to a single graphics image. Ashampoo Snap 4 also offers improved capture of Java applications. The program automatically scrolls the window and captures everything, including the part of the document not visible in the window.
• Support of multi-monitor environments. Capture content not only on your main screen, but also on other screens. Capturing areas that share parts of two monitors are supported, too.
• Send by e-mail. Now you can send your screenshots in a single PDF file by e-mail.
• Import/export of configurations. Import or export the complete configurations of Ashampoo Snap 4 in one INI file.

More cool features:
• Quickly available. Ashampoo Snap 4 is always ready to hand as a toolbar at the top of the screen, which allows access to all functions.
• Different screenshot capture modes. Use the different modes to capture different areas in the best possible way. Capture a window or dialog box, including non-rectangular shapes. Or select a free region by drawing the shape you want to capture on the screen with your mouse – it’s like the lasso function in a graphics program. Moreover you can select a predefined area, by specifying width and height of the capture rectangle. For scrolling websites just use the auto-scrolling functions.
• Multi-capture. You can perform multiple captures without restarting.
• Seamless integration with Windows functions. Ashampoo Snap 4 auto-monitors the Windows built-in print screen key for quick’n’easy capture. With the print screen key full screen content capture is possible
• Apply effects on-the-fly while capturing. While capturing screenshots, you can add effects, like for example smooth-graphical drop shadows, capture the cursor, apply cool shape effects etc.
• Add audio comments. Use your microphone to add your own comments and instructions to videos. Sound settings are configured automatically.
• User assistance wizard. In the improved assistant mode, which is activated by default, Ashampoo Snap 4 shows you step by step where everything is and explains how to do everything directly in the program.
• Automatic filenames. You can configure the format of the automatically generated filenames. For example, you can include the current date and time in the filename. The new Ashampoo Snap 4 supports a multitude of formats.

Операционная система: Ashampoo Snap v 4.3.1 Final (Multilanguage)
Тип лицензии: Trialware
Активация: Есть (Reg-file)
Язык интерфейса: Русский/Multilanguage
Размер: 11.64MB

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