Serif PagePlus X6 v Final (EN)

Serif PagePlus X6 v Final (EN)

Serif Page Plus X6 — это мощная настольная издательская система профессионального уровня. Хотите создать рекламный блок или сверстать достаточно сложное и насыщенное по дизайну печатное издание? Нет проблем! Все это и многое другое вы сможете сделать в программе PagePlus X6 — и вы наверняка согласитесь с тем, что этот издательский продукт несомненно является лучшим в своём классе. Брошюры, книги, журналы, рекламные проспекты — PagePlus X6 легко и быстро справляется с любыми задачами.

Serif PagePlus X6 - Create professional-quality advertising, sophisticated print designs and electronic documents with PagePlus X6, the best-in-class desktop publisher. From brochures to books, menus to magazines, flyers to forms and professional printing to PDF editing, PagePlus X6 does it all quickly and easily - like having a design agency at your desk. Wondering if you should upgrade? Serif’s team have focused on quality for this 20th-anniversary release of PagePlus – so you can enjoy higher-quality professional output, higher-quality typography and design tools and a higher-quality ‘user experience’. PagePlus X6 is faster, easier to use, and produces richer designs with more accurate professional output!

Основные возможности:
* Более 1000 профессионально разработанных шаблонов для различных типов документов
* Мощный текстовый процессор и форматирование текста на профессиональном уровне
* Совместимость со всеми общепринятыми графическими и текстовыми форматами файлов
* Чтение, редактирование и экспорт PDF-файлов для полиграфического воспроизведения или для публикации в Интернете
* Встроенный фото-редактор с цифровой студией PhotoLab
* Создание и редактирование таблиц и календарей, включая импорт баз данных и использование формул
* Модуль Logo Studio для разработки логотипов
* Профессиональные средства типографики и поддержка шрифтов в формате OpenType
* Специальные средства для создания документов большого объёма
* Онлайн-подсказки, видео-материалы и печатные руководства

PagePlus X6 is the #1 desktop publishing software* that provides all you need for business-class digital publishing and print design – with no experience required. Create stylish promotional materials and stationery, fully edit PDFs, publish eBooks for iPad® and Kindle™, and make interactive multimedia brochures like no other office software!

Desktop publishing software that helps you:
• Promote your business or club with posters, brochures, flyers and newsletters.
• Create documents and stationery from scratch or use agency-quality templates.
• Publish eBooks for Kindle™, iPad® or other readers, tablets and smartphones.
• Design professional logos and edit photos in dedicated studios.
• Print right-first-time yourself or professionally, with print press compatibility.
• Create forms for printing or share as PDF to receive responses by email.
• Open, fully edit, and save PDFs optimised for printing, sharing, or uploading to the web.

Desktop publishing & design made easy
PagePlus X6 offers quality designs without the need for design experience so you and your business can look its best – fast. Templates, artwork, automated assistants, and on-screen guides all help make it quick and easy.

Templates bring results without design fees
Use one of the many fully-customisable templates to kick start your next project, or use stylish Theme Layouts as the basis of a custom design. Simply add your own images and text for the fastest way to create amazing documents – ideal if you’re new to desktop publishing or in a hurry. PagePlus X6’s power and usability give you the quickest way to create responsive marketing materials and more without compromising on quality.

Colour schemes give documents a consistent look with just one click, or you can use your own branding colours. PagePlus X6 also offers drag and drop graphics, images, signs, flashes and more, with a powerful graphics organiser and manager so you can find what you want when you need it.

All-in-one design for print and digital output
Outshine other office software with drag and drop designing and total freedom of layout, while automated design assistants help keep you looking neat. Mix text, pictures, logos, shapes and more, adding eye-catching graphical styles using one-click presets and intuitive tools.

Photo editing and logo creation tools are included with built in, dedicated design studios, so you can complete entire projects in this one package. And that includes electronic publications too! eBooks, eForms, plus eBrochures and eMagazines with clickable interactivity and streamed videos are all at your fingertips. Engage with customers in exciting new ways, whether they use PCs, Macs, tablets like the iPad®, eBook readers like the Kindle, or smartphones.

Professional publishing you can rely on
You can count on PagePlus X6 to help you produce high-quality designs that can be printed yourself or sent to a professional print shop for accurate results. Also publish digitally for sharing documents efficiently online, by email, or distributing via eBook stores.

Full PDF editing and broad compatibility
Fully edit PDFs from anywhere, with more flexibility than any other desktop publishing software – ideal for updating and refreshing existing documents or correcting errors in PDFs before they are distributed or printed. Full PDF editing power lets you move, resize, recolour, replace anything in the design, add new text and images, include bookmarks and notes, merge multiple PDFs, manage pages, and add security. It’s like editing a normal PagePlus file – there is nothing you can’t do!

Import Microsoft Word and files, ideal for enhancing and repurposing existing documents. Use popular and professional image types including JPG, PNG, TIFF, and Adobe Photoshop files, and even edit images to make them look their best.

Ideal for professional printing
Send your designs to professional print shops with confidence, knowing that they’ll be able to open and accurately print your job. PagePlus X6 produces PDF/X compliant files favoured by the print industry (international standard ISO 15930-1), containing all design elements, ink colours and other important print information in one neat package.

If you have specific needs to colour-match existing branding or marketing, or even if you have your heart set on a specific colour from a chart, you can get exact results using Pantone PMS, Goe and PLUS colour systems. There’s even built-in colour management so all your graphics and images will look as intended with a workflow optimised for calibrated screens.

The latest digital publishing
Become a published author! Produce eBooks in standard EPUB® and .Mobi formats for readers like the Kindle™, tablets like the iPad, smartphones, and for publishing to online book stores. Text and images flow together neatly and adapt to suit different fonts and screen sizes, with your publication’s pictures optimised for efficiency. A publishing wizard guides you to polished end results, helping you add author, copyright, ISBN and more.

Create engaging interactive eBrochures, eMagazines and other electronic documents with graphical buttons, hyperlinks, streamed video, audio and almost unlimited actions, making your information brighter and more memorable; simply ingenious! Improve form responses by creating eForms for completing on-screen, with answers sent to you by email – for free.

Операционная система: Serif PagePlus X6 v Final (EN)
Тип лицензии: Trialware
Активация: Есть (Читайте NFO-file блокнотом)
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Размер: 1.12GB

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Serif PagePlus X6 v Final (EN)
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