Spoon Studio 2011 v Final (EN)

Spoon Studio 2011 v Final (EN)

Spoon Studio (ранее - Xenocode Virtual Appliance Studio) предназначена для виртуализации приложений с использованием виртуального контейнера (один exe файл), не требующего установки. Внутри контейнера создается виртуальная среда для файлов и реестра.

Through this program may be made Portable (working without installation) Windows programs, compressed them into one file, preserving your own settings. The program uses so-called. "Virtualization" whereby one file can be installed over a program through, you can run programs on other computers. With wide configuration settings compressed application. Finally able to upload their works to the site of Spoon. More information can be found on the official website

Publish with no installs, conflicts, or dependencies
• Launch applications instantly with no setup or installs: Improve the user out-of-box experience and reduce support costs by packaging all application files, settings, runtimes, and components into a single executable that runs instantly with no setup.
• Convert .NET Framework and Java-based to native x86 executables: Make your .NET, Java and Adobe AIR/Flash-based application execute just like a native executable, with no separate installation steps or runtime versioning conflicts. Execute multiple runtime versions concurrently with no conflicts. Spoon supports all versions of Java and the .NET Framework, including .NET 4.0.
• Run legacy applications on Windows 7:Spoon allows legacy applications, including Internet Explorer 6, to run properly on new operating systems such as Windows 7, reducing the cost and risk associated with Windows 7 rollouts.
• Eliminate UAC prompts and allow execution on locked-down desktops: Deploying as a Spoon virtual application eliminates requirements for access to privileged system resources, allowing unprivileged users to run applications in an isolated environment on locked-down desktops and eliminating compatibility errors and UAC prompts.
• Dynamic sandbox isolation management: Dynamic isolation management allows virtualized applications to run both in complete isolation or in shared virtual environments with other applications, allowing data and settings to be shared between related applications.
• Leverage Terminal Services investments with sandbox isolation: Sandboxing isolates applications running in Terminal Services environments so that changes within one user instance do not affect other users.
Easy to use virtualization
• Templates for popular applications: The Studio Configuration Wizard provides templates for popular applications, allowing automatic, painless customization and build of applications such as Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, as well as step-by-step guidance through setup snapshotting.
• Setup snapshotting for custom applications: Configuring even the most complex proprietary application is as easy as setting it up on a clean machine. Virtual Application Studio's snapshotting feature takes "before and after" images of your system and automatically constructs the virtual application configuration.
• Painless configuration of .NET, Java, AIR, Silverlight, Flash, and other components: Virtualize popular runtimes, components, and viewers such as the .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0, Adobe AIR, Java, Silverlight, and Flash.
• Import existing MSI packages: Spoon Studio allows one-click import of existing MSI setup packages, with no snapshotting required.
• Deliver applications with no infrastructure changes: Just embed your application no an existing web site or place it on a network share and it is available to be run from any networked desktop. No client installation, device drivers, or other server modifications are required. The optional Spoon Server enables cloud-based execution on LANs, WANs, and extranets directly from desktops, web browsers, and enterprise portals.
Publish via standalone executables, Active Directory, private clouds, and the web
• Publish on intranets and Active Directory: Broadcast apps to desktops into your Active Directory or other desktop management hierarchy. Scriptable SpoonReg shell integration tool allows highly customized virtual desktop provisioning and delivery.
• Deliver applications in private clouds with Spoon Server: The optional Spoon Server allows applications virtualized with Studio to be deployed instantly to intranet web sites, extranet users, and portals such as Microsoft SharePoint. Spoon Server is over 100 times more scaleable than than remote desktop-based delivery methods.
• Generate MSI setup packages: Deploy your virtual application using MSI setup packages. Studio-generated MSIs perform binary installation, Start Menu and desktop shortcut creation, shell file assocation mapping, and uninstall.
• Deliver applications on the web: Spoon virtual applications can be submitted onto the Spoon.net application cloud for use across the web. Once on Spoon.net, applications can be launched directly from publisher web sites, syndicated on blogs and social networks, and converted into Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models.
• Deploy on USB flash drives: Enable mobile work scenarios and create compelling marketing materials by embedding your virtual application on portable USB flash drives. Your application runs immediately when the portable drive is inserted. Settings and documents migrate with you on portable storage.
Advanced application virtualization engine
• Generate fully native executables: No "player" software, device drivers, or other separate components are required to execute your virtual application. Your virtualized application runs just like a native binary. Spoon works with existing, unmodified applications, services, and digital rights management (DRM) systems.
• Support for both 32- and 64-bit applications: Spoon is the first and only virtualization engine in its class to support virtualization of both 32- and 64-bit applications. Spoon supports execution on both 32- and 64-bit operating system platforms.
• Filesystem and registry virtualization: Comprehensive "Windows-on-Windows" user-mode virtualization environment simulates filesystem and registry subsystems, including process-local, isolated versions of privileged resources. Apply merge, override, or write-copy isolation semantics to govern interaction with the host device.
• Virtualize Windows services and SQL Server: Spoon service virtualization allows Windows service dependencies, including SQL Server, to be virtualized as part of the application payload, eliminating separate server dependency and database installs.
• Unprecedented performance: Unlike hardware virtualization, Spoon application virtualization technology allows applications to execute at virtually the same speed as native binaries. No host operating system is required, dramatically reducing payload size and enabling order-of-magnitude superior performance than machine-based virtualization.
• Multi-platform capabilities: Platform merge allows virtual application behavior to be customized on a per-operating system basis while distributing a single, universal executable.
• Completely user-mode virtual machine: Spoon virtualization takes place entirely in user mode. No device drivers, reboots, or user privileges are required for Spoon virtual applications to execute.
• Windows side-by-side (SxS) engine support: The Spoon application virtualization engine completely supports virtualization of applications and assemblies using the Windows isolated application (SxS) manifest mechanism.

Операционная система: Spoon Studio 2011 v Final (EN)
Тип лицензии: Trialware
Активация: Есть (Keygen/Patch)
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Размер: 89.78MB

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Spoon Studio 2011 v Final (EN)
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