Titan FTP Server Enterprise Edition v 8.40.1349 Final (EN)

Titan FTP Server Enterprise Edition v 8.40.1349 Final (EN)

Titan FTP Server - один из самых лучших мощных и защищенных многопоточных FTP серверов. Благодаря многопоточности, программа позволяет установить несколько серверов, работающих одновременно на разных комбинациях IP-адресов и портов. Программа обеспечивает защищенную передачу файлов с использованием SSL, создание виртуальных папок, идентификацию пользователей, квотирование дискового пространства, локальное и удаленное администрирование, подробные лог-файлы, контроль трафика, разрешение и запрещение отдельных IP адресов и масок, анонимный доступ и многое другое. Практически все, что можно пожелать, в данной программе присутствует и успешно работает. Программа также имеет возможность отключать или блокировать FXP и PASV режимы передачи файлов. Сервер прост в установке и работе, будет полезен как на домашнем компьютере, так и в рабочей группе.

Titan FTP Server is an enterprise class server product for storing and sharing files. Titan provides an advanced feature set, giving you flexibility and control. An intuitive user interface makes Titan FTP Server easy to set up and maintain. For Large Enterprises: Titan offers unlimited user accounts (professional edition) and the controls to appropriately manage them.

Bandwidth throttling and configurable maximum transfer speed allows you to customize the bandwidth given to any user or server. You can regulate the number of connections from a given IP, and block users and IP's after a configurable number of invalid commands. The control and scalability that Titan FTP server provides offers an excellent file sharing solution for even the largest enterprises.

- Поддержка безопасной передачи файлов через SSL
- Бесконечное количество пользовательских аккаунтов
- Использование MD4 и MD5 шифрования для поддерживаемых FTP клиентов
- Возможность настройки коэффициентов загрузки и скачивания
- Возможность для установки дисковых квот
- Разрешение или запрет на анонимный доступ
- Возможность настройки пользовательских сообщений при входе, выходе и т.д.
- Удаление частично загруженных файлов
- Настройка максимального числа одновременных подключений для каждого сервера
- Возможность блокирования FXP
- Настройка максимальной скорости для скачивания и загрузки
- Настройка максимальных подключений с одного IP-адреса
- Возможность бана по IP-адресу после чрезмерного количества ошибочных команд (при Ддос-атаке)
- Возможность бана пользователя после чрезмерного количества ошибочных команд
- Возможность бана определенных типов файлов для загрузки (mp3, mpeg и т.д.)
- Настройка временных зон для каждого сервера индивидуально

Изменения в последней версии:
* Added: The SMTP Email Tab now supports the ability to add a special custom port instead of the default SMTP Port.
* Added: Secure SSL based SMTP Email ability.
* Added: Ability to handle chained CA certificates, specifically when Entrust hands down a certificate signed by an intermediate CA.
* Fixed: Memory leak in the WebUI due to ASP.Net garbage collection not firing frequently enough. (Build 1338)
* Fixed: Memory leak in the Tray and Admin applications. (Build 1336)
* Fixed: Removed unnecessary .orig files from the WebUI to clear up a PCI security warning. (Build 1335)
* Fixed: Issue in the srxCOM engine which prevented user attributes from being modified. (Build 1334)
* Fixed: Issue in the SFTP engine which could cause the Idle Connection Manager to close a connection as soon as it was established and before the user logged in. (Build 1333)
* Fixed: Issue with the Directory Access Permissions which prevented a subdirectory from having no access if the parent directory had full access. (Build 1333)
* Fixed: Issue in the Admin Application which could display an invalid error message when the server is stopping. (Build 1332)
* Fixed: The Unix style permissions displayed during a LIST command were incorrect when accessing a Virtual Folder. (Build 1332)
* Fixed: Potential issue which could cause a login to take a long time if Disk Quotas were enabled and the user had tens-of-thousands of files and folders in their home directory. (Build 1328)
* Fixed: Potential problem which could prevent the WebUI from launching if it was added on after upgrading from an older version of the software. (Build 1327)Fixed: Issue in the Admin application which could potentially allow a user to log in with an invalid password. (Build 1326)
* Fixed: Added a new default exception handler to the service to catch all Runtime Library (RTL) and other low level exceptions to help prevent Windows DEP from terminating the Service unnecessarily. (Build 1325)
* Fixed: Issue in the WebUI which would fail to diable some of the toolbar buttons during an Upload. (Build 1325)
* Fixed: Issue in the WebUI when running under IE9 which prevented some of the toolbar buttons from functioning properly. The WebUI will now automatically inform the browser to run in IE8 compatible mode. (Build 1325)
* Fixed: Upgraded .Net components to correct a problem with the StatsTrack ReportViewer crashing under Windows Server 2008. (Build 1325)
* Fixed: Issue in the WebUI which could cause an improper screen refresh resulting in the status bar being placed in the center of the screen after a login. (Build 1325)
* Fixed: A potential memory leak during the generation of encoded XML which is sent between the Service and the Admin application if the source XML was longer than 1K. (Build 1325)
* Fixed: Issue which could cause a "Success" message box to be displayed in the Admin application after a list of Groups was displayed in the Membership tab for a user if non-native authentication was being used. (Build 1325)
* Fixed: Issue which would allow Banned File Types to be uploaded in the WebUI. This issue would also allow a user to rename a file to a Banned File Type. (Build 1319)
* Fixed: Authentication issue which could display extra Domain Users in the Admin application if an NT Security Group was included which did not have any members. (Build 1319)
* Fixed: Memory leak in the authentication subsystems which could display invalid user information in the Admin application. (Build 1318)
* Fixed: Potential security leak which could allow users to log in with a missing password if LDAP authentication was being used. (Build 1317)
* Fixed: Issue which could incorrectly identify a non-local IP address as local during a PASV command. (Build 1316)
* Fixed: Issue which could disable a user account prematurely if the Account Expiration feature was enabled. (Build 1314)
* Fixed: %variable% parsing issue in the Event Manager which could fail to parse a variable if it occurred multiple times in one string. (Build 1311)
* Fixed: Issue with the Server Activity window which displayed Jan 1, 1970 as the creation time for the session. (Build 1310)
* Fixed: Issue in the server which could leave a directory locked and prevent it from being renamed or deleted. (Build 1310)
* Fixed: The Admin application would fail to display members of a group properly if the server was configured to use NT/SAM authentication and the server configuration was created on an older version of Titan which stored configuration information in the registry. (Build 1309)
* Fixed: The Admin application would sometimes show invalid server configurations after an upgrade. (Build 1308)
* Fixed: The Virtual Folder Wizard was incorrectly processing folder names that contained the '&' character. (Build 1308)
* Fixed: Added some additional logging to identify events being triggered. Also reclassified some logging messages from Informational to Debug; "Purging Sessions" for example. (Build 1307)
* Fixed: When using the srxCFG utility to add users to groups and groups to users, membership was not being updated correctly if the utility supplied multiple users or groups on the command line. (Build 1306)
* Fixed: In the New Server Wizard, Anonymous FTP is now disabled when non-native authentication is being used. (Build 1305)
* Fixed: In the User Group Membership condition for the Event Manager, when editing an existing event, the entire User/Group Membership list was being repopulated incorrectly. (Build 1305)
* Fixed: SFTP issue that filed to resolve virtual folders correctly when accessed from WinSCP which strips the trailing slash from a path before sending it over to the SFTP Server. (Build 1304)
* Fixed: Downloading .xlsx files resulted in the browser saving the file as a .zip file.
* Fixed: Database fixes for updating paths when migrating data between user directories.
* Fixed: Database problem which could fail to create the ODBC DSN Properly when using SQL Authentication.
* Fixed: Issue in the Admin application which could allow a server to be deleted while it was running.
* Fixed: Various issues in the Admin Application which could cause the user's parameters to be reloaded too frequently.
* Fixed: Issue with the Virtual Folder Wizard failing to properly enumerate the Network resources.
* Fixed: Added better support for renaming files over a UNC via SMB.
* Fixed: Problem with the Session Statistics not showing up properly in the Activity window in the Admin application.
* Fixed: Problem with the %VARIABLES% parsing in the Event Manager which would fail to parse the variable properly if it was in lower case or mixed case.
* Fixed: WebUI issue where you had to click Up button twice to go past the users root folder.

Операционная система: Titan FTP Server Enterprise Edition v 8.40.1349 Final (EN)
Тип лицензии: Trialware
Активация: Есть (Keygen)
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Размер: x64 - 55.47MB / x86 - 52.88MB

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