Opera Next v 12.00.1054 Snapshot (Multilanguage)

Opera Next v 12.00.1054 Snapshot (Multilanguage)

Opera 12 - один из самых быстрых и гибких в настройке браузеров. Используя скины, пользовательские панели и другие средства настройки интерфейса, внешний вид которого можно изменять до неузнаваемости. Программа позволяет на лету отключать и включать графику, а также может похвастаться фирменной технологией масштабирования веб-страниц, благодаря которой пользователи браузера практически никогда не видят горизонтальной прокрутки. Браузер Opera разработан, чтобы максимально удовлетворить ваши потребности – будь то эффективная работа, интересные развлечения или самовыражение. В 12ой версии обновилась версия движка Presto до версии 2.9.168, повысилась производительность программы, появились различные улучшения в Opera Mail, усовершенствовалась CSS производительность и множество других нововведений. Также разработчики сообщают, что новая версия браузера будет проходить Acid3 тест с результатами 100/100.

Возможности программы:
» Способ доступа к вашим любимым сайтам с помощью Speed Dial
» Защита от мошенничества
» BitTorrent клиент
» Блокировщик содержимого
» Добавление своих поисковых систем
» Просмотр миниатюр открытых страниц
» Настройки для каждого сайта по-отдельности
» Использование виджетов
» Новые возможности редактирования текста
» Диспетчер загрузки
» Навигация по табам
» Менеджер паролей
» Интегрированный поиск
» Блокирование всплывающих окон
» Жестикуляция мышью
» Функция быстрого перехода вперед
» Быстрые настройки с помощью кнопки F12
» Голосовое управление
» "Горячие клавиши" клавиатуры
» Функция "Корзины"
» Поддерживает протокол защиты информации SSL, версии 3, и протокол TLS 1.0 и 1.1
» 256-битное шифрование
» Удаление личных данных
» Управление cookies
» Электронная почта браузера Opera
» IRC-чат
» Поддержка функции "Drag and drop"
» Поддержка смены скинов интерфейса
» Мультиязычность
» И многие другие возможности...

Изменения в последней версии:
CORE-39767 (CSS 2.1 compliant display:list-item implementation)
CORE-39302 (The cache can grow past its limit)
CORE-32820 (SVG optimizations)
CORE-12447 (overflow: hidden ignored for table-layout: fixed)
CORE-17961 (Missing URL in redirection message)
CORE-23382 (NFD é rendered incorrectly, and worse in 2.4 than 2.2)
CORE-25431 (offsetLeft & offsetTop values are 0,0 for blank anchor tags)
CORE-25611 (computedStyle returns an empty string for text-shadow property)
CORE-25902 (border-radius doesn't clip replaced content)
CORE-26985 (Cursor doesn't change to pointer when hovering links until the page has completely loaded)
CORE-27522 (border-radius with different border widths)
CORE-28875 (border on inline-table disappears if it has overflow: hidden)
CORE-28949 (:target selector applies even after hash removed)
CORE-30401 (Initialization of SVG DOM objects different from what the SVG 1.1 second edition mandates)
CORE-31539 (overflow: hidden ignored on table if nested descendant width exceeds first cell descendant width)
CORE-34305 (svgz files saved as empty)
CORE-35190 (CSS: border-radius ignored on fieldsets that have a legend)
CORE-35547 (Content of good.is not displayed, @font-face with floating point number and comma in local())
CORE-36266 (Can't post link in orkut message)
CORE-36816 (DOM updates during composition causes doubled characters and oddities): unable to use ime on qzone.qq.com
CORE-37191 (computedStyle returns an empty string for box-shadow property)
CORE-37325 (rx, ry calculations for rect are incorrect according to svg spec)
CORE-37340 (Improve GetObjectProperties with regards to complicated properties)
CORE-37422 (Recognizing meeting invites .ics)
CORE-37452 (When javascript moves focus from input field, it gets empty (elm.focus() will abort ongoing IME))
CORE-38132 (0 returned for XHR.status when readyState == 2 (HEADERS_RECEIVED))
CORE-38210 (Invalid Link header causes Internal communication error)
CORE-38229 (opera:cache is not well laid out)
CORE-38771 (Unnecessary bottleneck in certain cases with "overflow: hidden" and CSS transforms)
CORE-39072 (Orkut profile picture change still not working)
CORE-39098 (Make Math.log() faster)
CORE-39112 (Border and overflow affects offset of events)
CORE-39380 (Opera doesn't fire events for empty scripts)
CORE-39391 (IME position not updated immidiately when text input is changed on getting focus)
CORE-39456 (Overflow container with anchor inside table introduces unwanted scrollbars)
CORE-39485 (Back button does not load image in reddit pages)
CORE-39490 (User initiated click event not handled on file input)
CORE-39516 (Drag-to-pan in image viewer only for left mouse button with no modifier keys)
CORE-39525 (Set window.event when events occur even if it's rewritten by page scripts): Attachment opening fails in new Hotmail
CORE-39547 (DATA_CLONE_ERR uses wrong code (24 instead of 25))
CORE-39559 (No data stream sent to invisible windowless plugins): Lytro picture page with focus demos doesn't work
CORE-39653 (Support event.isTrusted)
CORE-39654 (Native validation messages pops up everywhere (on top of other tabs))
CORE-39660 (CSS attribute selections and removeAttribute() regressed - removeAttribute() no longer triggers reevaluation of selectors?)
CORE-39722 (JSON.stringify number with single digit string produced not equal to equiv. string literal)
CORE-39755 (Radio button group with attribute "form" doesn't work properly)
CORE-39803 (Crash with VOIPlay plugin)
CORE-39852 (Minimum font size apppplied on computed style in svg while not rendered)
CORE-39862 (Canvas 2D sometimes draws shadows even when it shouldn't)
CORE-39871 (Remove HTMLHeadElement.profile): http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/complete/obsolete.html#dom-head-profile
CORE-39902 (Array.prototype.slice() doesn't propagate exceptions)
CORE-39912 (Extra suspend event fired for some preload=metadata tests that use ogg videos)
CORE-39917 (HTMLEmbedElement src and HTMLFormElement action IDL attributes reflected as strings, not URLs (i.e. is not resolved))
CORE-39923 (Updated Google Maps: My Places pop-up can't be closed preventing use of Google Map Directions (something with EcmaScript eval))
CORE-40033 (Empty string values not returned from web storage after being set)
CORE-40040 (Response with content-encoding:gzip decompressed automatically without changing the .gz file extension)
CORE-40047 (inserting options in SELECT fails with DOMNodeInserted listener active)
CORE-40073 (Missing horizontal scrollbar when a multicol container contains more columns than specified)
CORE-40126 (Clicking on Google+ tab (top left corner) results in page that is never finished loading (history.replaceState))
CORE-40146 (Column-spanned element in RTL multicol is incorrectly positioned)
CORE-40155 (The title of the extension that appears in the debugging context dropdown should be the extension name from config.xml)
CORE-40189 (image.width/naturalWidth and image.height/naturalHeight returns 0 after switching to fullscreen if the image is only in DOM)
CORE-40210 (Anchors added to the URL changed by pushState reloads page)
CORE-40229 (List items are added outside of contenteditable element)
CORE-40230 (List is deleted when pressing backspace in a contenteditable element within a list item.)
CORE-40247 (Weird results of HTML select options)
CORE-40281 (Images sometimes displayed via onload events)
CORE-7544 (Nested inline relatively positioned elements with non-auto z-index are not rendered)
CORE-7597 (XMLHttpRequest can not POST data that consists of plain literal numbers only.)
CORE-9459 (Page reloaded when refreshed to fragment URI)
CORE-39763 (Crash when reloading page with Dragonfly open)
Updates to some translations
Security improvements from 11.51
Further crash and memory leak fixes

DSK-232055 (Unable to re-download file to same download location if an entry for the previous download still exists in transfers manager)
DSK-343630 (Crash when exiting Opera after changing "Preferred languages for webpages")
DSK-344289 (Using mouse wheel over windowed plugin can also cause the page to scroll)

Speed Dial
DSK-329998 (Thumbnails are omitted while cycling Speed Dials with the Tab key)
DSK-330661 (Add an animation when resizing window to change number of columns)
DSK-337427 (Add an animation when undoing Speed Dial move/swap)
DSK-344603 (Crash when dragging a Speed Dial while Edit menu is opened)
DSK-344606 (Crash when deleting a Speed Dial set to Reload Every after dragging it from the original position)
DSK-344912 (Hover effect remains on unhovered Speed Dials)

DSK-344870 (Can't go fullscreen by double clicking the VLC plugin)

DSK-318433 (Excel file not attached if open in OpenOffice)

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.

Операционная система: Opera Next v 12.00.1054 Snapshot (Multilanguage)
Тип лицензии: Freeware
Язык интерфейса: Русский/Multilanguage
Размер: 9.82MB

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Opera Next v 12.00.1054 Snapshot (Multilanguage)
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