Nuance PDF Converter Professional v 7.1 (x86/x64) Final (Multilanguage)

Nuance PDF Converter Professional v 7.1 (x86/x64) Final (Multilanguage)

PDF Converter Professional 7 - полноценное программное решение для просмотра, редактирования и конвертирования PDF документов в различные форматы. С помощью этого набора вы сможете создавать из любых приложений документы в формате PDF, редактировать и обмениваться этими документами, а также конвертировать PDF файлы в Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XPS и Corel WordPerfect документы. Вы сможете напрямую редактировать содержимое PDF документов с помощью встроенных в программу инструментов. Также программа позволяет защищать ваши PDF документы различными способами, включая защиту паролем, водяными знаками, цифровой подписью и сертификатами безопасности от редактирования содержимого ваших документов третьими лицами. PDF Converter может интегрироваться в проводник Windows, WordPerfect, Internet Explorer, Firefox, LotusNotes и приложения Microsoft Office.

Возможности программы:
» Создание PDF документов из различных приложений
» Разблокирование информации, находящейся в PDF и XPS файлах
» Прослушивание PDF документов с помощью технологии Nuance RealSpeak Text-to-Speech
» Объединение различных файлов в единый PDF документ
» Автоматическое создание индивидуальных PDF документов из различных файлов
» Конвертирование PDF документов в форматы MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XPS и Corel WordPerfect
» Копирование страниц из различных источников для собрания в одном документе
» Создание закладок и гиперссылок
» Применение цифровых подписей, защита паролем и сертификатами безопасности
» Архивация писем, вложений и других элементов Outlook
» Добавление комментариев и аннотаций в PDF документах
» Мгновенное создание PDF форм
» Создание индекса гигабайтов PDF документов для поиска
» Редактирование текста на страницах PDF документов
» Отправка выбранных страниц или целого документа по почте
» Множество уровней отмены и повтора действий
» Использование инструментов руки и лупы для навигации по документам

Новые возможности:
» Улучшенная поддержка MS Excel и PowerPoint
» Создание PDF файлов из почтовых вложений
» Создание PDF файла из локального файла в качестве почтового вложения
» Улучшенная поддержка почтовых программ и браузеров
» Улучшенный движок OCR распознавания текста
» Поддержка высоких уровней шифрования
» Конвертирование областей страницы в редактируемый текст
» Открытие PDF файлов из папок
» Улучшенная защита документов
» Сравнение PDF/Word документов
» Поддержка браузера Firefox
» И другие возможности и улучшения

Nuance PDF Converter Professional 7 is the smarter PDF solution for business users. Combining powerful functionality, built-in intelligence, superior Microsoft Office support, and ease of use, it provides everything you need to create, convert, edit, assemble, and securely share PDFs for improved productivity, collaboration, and compliance. With PDF Converter Professional 7, you get more productive scanning, advanced document assembly, the most accurate PDF-to-Microsoft® Excel conversion, extended image PDF conversion options, enhanced multimedia support, smarter “looks like” search, better graphics management with layer support, document flattening and much more. It provides everything for today’s, modern office worker.

NEW Superior Windows 7 Support-
Jump Lists—new in Windows 7—take you right to documents or perform specific actions. To open a Jump List, just right-click a program icon on the Windows 7 taskbar. You'll also find them on the Start menu. Immediately jump to recent and favorite PDF documents, jump to tasks including Launch applications, Create PDF, Create PDF from Scanner, and Convert PDF.

IMPROVED Comprehensive Integration with Microsoft 2010-
All your favorite PDF creation and conversion productivity add-ins now support Microsoft Office 2010.

NEW Perform Smarter Searches-
Use the intelligent “Looks Like” search capability to quickly find content - such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and Social Security numbers - via an alphanumeric pattern rather than exact text. Automatically highlight, cross-out, or underline search results for faster, easier PDF review and editing.

IMPROVED Open PDF Files Directly in your Favorite Web Browser-
PDF files on the Web can be opened in all your favorite browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Customize the PDF toolbar in your browser by adding and removing tools including FormTyper.

NEW Most Accurate Table and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Conversions-
Take a multipage table or spreadsheet and convert it into a single Microsoft Excel document. You can also manually select an area and define it as a table to improve accuracy.

NEW Tabbed Document Previews for Drag-and-Drop Document Assembly-
Combine documents into a PDF with a more powerful and intuitive Document Assembly mode that gives you previews of all your pages in a floating dialog box that maximizes your screen real estate. Assemble documents as easily as shuffling paper on your desk. Simply drag and drop to reorder pages within a document, or use the Insert, Replace, Delete, and Extract commands.

NEW One-Click Professional Scanning with Automatic Find-and-Mark-
Combine the ease of PaperPort and the intelligence of OmniPage to enjoy the ultimate scan-to-PDF capabilities. Create new PDF files or add pages to existing document with one click using WIA, TWAIN, or ISIS scanners. Automatically find words in the scanned document and mark them with redaction (black-out), highlights, underlines or cross-out.

IMPROVED Unify Microsoft Office, Images, and PDF files into a Single PDF Portfolio-
It’s more versatile than zipping files. You can combine files of multiple types into a PDF without changing the original file type. Microsoft Office users can view and edit documents directly within a PDF Portfolio.

IMPROVED Create Searchable PDFs, Editable PDFs, and Fillable Forms on the Fly-
The auto-detect feature automatically identifies scanned or image-only PDFs, and offers multiple options to make your files searchable, editable, or a fillable form. No more guessing and frustration at being unable to edit your PDFs.

NEW Manage Document Layers-
Create the document look you want, on-the-fly. Turn layers on and off in PDF files created by programs such as AutoCAD and Microsoft Visio. You can select, merge, show or hide layers, lock or unlock layers, view and modify properties of layers, and even control layers for printing.

NEW The Most Comprehensive Search and Redact Capabilities of any PDF Software-
PDF Converter Enterprise is the only product that utilizes patent-pending technology for “looks like” pattern matching to find information. Choose from predefined patterns such as phone numbers or e-mail address — or create your own patterns for patient IDs, product codes, or any information that follows an alpha-numeric pattern. You can also use pre-defined word or phrase lists from simple test files.

NEW Flatten Document Information in a Single Layer-
Make objects permanent in your PDF such as text markups, annotations, stamps, filled form fields, and graphics for enhanced document security. PDF Converter Enterprise flattens all elements of a PDF file into a single layer. This is especially useful when you want to share your file but don’t want anyone modifying the contents or annotations.

NEW Bring Microsoft Silverlight Multimedia to Your PDFs-
Enhance your PDFs with rich Microsoft Silverlight multimedia content. Embed, view, and enjoy Silverlight in your PDF.

NEW Set Your PDF Opening View so Everything is Right Where You Want It-
PDF Converter Enterprise always opens in your favorite view. Optimize your user interface for ease and productivity. Open with Page Display set to Fit Width, Fit Page, Continuous Page, Facing, or Document Assembly view. Open with Navigation Panels set to Bookmarks, Pages, Tags, Layers, Comments, or Signatures.

PDF Converter Professional 7 is powerful, intelligent PDF software that enables business users to create, convert, edit, assemble and share PDF files with colleagues or customers. It’s the smarter way for savvy professionals and knowledge workers to:

• Enjoy significant savings over
Adobe® Acrobat® without compromising functionality
• Effortlessly create 100% industry-standard PDF files
• Get the world’s most accurate conversion of PDF files to editable formats including Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Corel® WordPerfect® and more
• Convert any non-fillable form into PDF forms that you can complete, save, and email
• Create or convert PDF directly with the fastest shortcuts inside Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows®
• Scan paper to PDF with superior one-click scanning
• Make changes to PDF files — correct typos or edit and annotate both text and graphics directly
• Collaborate more effectively with annotation tools that let you add notes, stamps, call-outs and more to PDF documents

“The benefits are endless with PDF Convert Professional 7. The most important benefits to me are accuracy, integration, and speed to get work accomplished fast. Most definitely PDF Converter Professional 7 is the best PDF software out there today. I ditched my Adobe Acrobat and will only use Nuance Converter Professional 7. ”

System Requirements:
A computer with an Intel® Pentium® III or higher processor or equivalent

Supported operating systems:
»» Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit Editions
»» Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit Editions with Service Pack 2
»» Windows XP 32-bit Edition with Service Pack 3
»» Windows 2003, 2008 Server (Citrix, AD, WTS)
»» Microsoft® Internet Explorer®7 or above
»» 512 MB of memory (RAM), 1 GB recommended
»» 130 MB of free hard disk space for application files plus 20 MB working space during installation
»» CD-ROM drive for installation

Операционная система: Windows All
Тип лицензии: Trialware
Активация: Есть (Keygen)
Язык интерфейса: Русский/Multilanguage
Размер: x64 - 388.38MB / x86 - 381.47MB

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Nuance PDF Converter Professional v 7.1 (x86/x64) Final (Multilanguage)
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