Opera v 11.50.1024 Beta

Opera v 11.50.1024 Beta

Opera 11 - один из самых быстрых и гибких в настройке браузеров. Используя скины, пользовательские панели и другие средства настройки интерфейса, внешний вид которого можно изменять до неузнаваемости. Программа позволяет на лету отключать и включать графику, а также может похвастаться фирменной технологией масштабирования веб-страниц, благодаря которой пользователи браузера практически никогда не видят горизонтальной прокрутки. Браузер Opera разработан, чтобы максимально удовлетворить ваши потребности – будь то эффективная работа, интересные развлечения или самовыражение. В 11ой версии обновилась версия движка Presto до версии 2.7, повысилась производительность программы, появились различные улучшения в Opera Mail, усовершенствовалась CSS производительность и множество других нововведений. Также разработчики сообщают, что новая версия браузера будет проходить Acid3 тест с результатами 100/100.

Возможности программы:
» Способ доступа к вашим любимым сайтам с помощью Speed Dial
» Защита от мошенничества
» BitTorrent клиент
» Блокировщик содержимого
» Добавление своих поисковых систем
» Просмотр миниатюр открытых страниц
» Настройки для каждого сайта по-отдельности
» Использование виджетов
» Новые возможности редактирования текста
» Диспетчер загрузки
» Навигация по табам
» Менеджер паролей
» Интегрированный поиск
» Блокирование всплывающих окон
» Жестикуляция мышью
» Функция быстрого перехода вперед
» Быстрые настройки с помощью кнопки F12
» Голосовое управление
» "Горячие клавиши" клавиатуры
» Функция "Корзины"
» Поддерживает протокол защиты информации SSL, версии 3, и протокол TLS 1.0 и 1.1
» 256-битное шифрование
» Удаление личных данных
» Управление cookies
» Электронная почта браузера Opera
» IRC-чат
» Поддержка функции "Drag and drop"
» Поддержка смены скинов интерфейса
» Мультиязычность
» И многие другие возможности...

Known issues:
DSK-337907 (Crash on start up when launched from Gnome, KDE or Xfce menu)
Inspecting elements with Dragonfly does not work

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.

Изменения в последней версии:
DSK-325066 (Changes to window and tab handling)
DSK-336673 (Scale and save all favicons to 16x16 png internally)
DSK-337394 (Preferences for Speed Dial extensions now open in an overlay dialog)
DSK-264983 (Improvements to block content UI in Mail)

(Fixes to auto-update handling for Opera Next)

CORE-35429 (Start request for CSS resources during parsing)
CORE-25139 (HTML5 history extension API implementation)
CORE-32295 (HTML5 data-* attributes API implementation)
CORE-25130 (HTML5 Element.classList implementation)
CORE-25623 (HTML5 TimeElement.valueAsDate implementation)
CORE-25794 (matchesSelector API implementation)
CORE-34959 (Improve SVG load performance)
CORE-33314 (Improve the SVG animation engine)
CORE-36415 (Crash when using spelling check with a Korean dictionary)
CORE-19899 (Spatial navigation in an overflow:hidden box should scroll the box)
CORE-37992 (spatnav skips a large number of links in certain conditions)
CORE-37057 (Saved images from image viewer gets image size attached to name)
CORE-20483 (Hidden animated gif causing high CPU load in because of constant repaints)
CORE-30101 (Fixed positioned backgrounds jerky on scroll)
CORE-13925 (Redirected flash embed without type attribute sticks out of overflow: auto container)
CORE-36774 (Hardcoded key bindings in the image viewer need to consider modifier keys)
CORE-10055 (html or body elements with overflow:hidden reacts to mousewheel when they shouldn't)
CORE-29507 (Java applets loaded in new tabs)
CORE-37293 (Iframe content is not replaced with script on amazon page - IFRAME src="#" loads parent page, document.open() fails)
CORE-30529 (multipart/x-mixed-replace streaming mjpeg content but not showing)
CORE-36991 (Font weight and style changes during transition)
CORE-38023 (Update Spoof and Mask strings again to Firefox 4 and IE9)
CORE-36351 (EventSource 2xx handling changed)
CORE-34939 (EventSource will not connect if document.domain is set)
CORE-36350 (EventSource constructor should act as if there's a network error for non-http urls (instead of throwing))
CORE-36613 (EventSource sends the wrong Accept http header)
CORE-31191 (Updating an existing property with "!important" has no effect)
CORE-31157 (cssText does not show "!important" declarations)
CORE-36909 (Crash with contenteditable attribute on html)
CORE-37196 (Never stops loading when going forward after unfinished history navigation)
CORE-100 (Space followed by punctuation doesn't wrap)
CORE-35401 (Can't use opera to request e-faktura for Telenor (setting new HTML5/WF2 property to null has non-backward compatible behaviour))
CORE-37007 (Web workers: connect.data / disconnect.data should be empty)
CORE-36226 (Add atob() and btoa() in web workers)
CORE-37814 (Freeze on accessing xhr's getResponseHeader after XHR failed)
CORE-5218 (should throw HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR when inserting a rule at the wrong position)
CORE-37637 (media ignored for @import in user stylesheets)
CORE-37374 (Reading window.closed fails with browser.js enabled)
CORE-15418 (max-height in percentages of auto interpreted while it should be ignored)
CORE-35593 (backslash or space in username passed to XmlHttpRequest.open throws SYNTAX_ERROR)
CORE-21228 (Pasting text/plain clipboard data from Notepad++ into text/plain body field inserts a newline at the top)
CORE-24970 (Canvas tank game freezes for >1sec at a time)
CORE-33095 (Add CSS props-changed flags for the svg properties)
CORE-37815 (Mixing SVG fonts and @font-face CSS fonts with the same font-family can cause the font to disappear)
CORE-8244 (Drawing artifacts (white lines) when running zoomed animation or scrolling zoomed SVG)
CORE-840 (Outline on empty element is not drawn around content)
CORE-57 (Incorrect characters used when 'open-quote'/'close-quote' nest deeper than 'quotes')
CORE-19052 (Erroneous close-quote is not ignored)
CORE-35460 (default margin on hr element different from other browsers)
CORE-36964 (Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar caused by position:absolute + right:0)
CORE-36534 (Layout does not update when appendMedium causes a stylesheet not to apply)
CORE-36535 (Layout does not update when CssRule.style.style is set to an empty string)
CORE-28633 (Orkut change profile picture link fails to open file chooser dialog (input type=file and form both styled with opacity, click ignored))
CORE-34940 (If height definition is left out, divs below start jumping)
CORE-34619 (Setting iframe source twice ignored)
CORE-37598 (Crash when removing container that has ::first-letter properties)
CORE-36681 (Viewport is too wide due to text-align: center)
CORE-36703 (Textarea redraw artifacts on scroll)
CORE-37758 (Hypothetically static positioned absolutely positioned block inside overflown and scrolled container not painted)
CORE-22490 (Poor painting performance on non-solid borders on big boxes)
CORE-34771 (Incorrect handling of percentage values in border-radius)
CORE-37409 (Unclear negative border-radius handling)
CORE-32075 (Crash on ease-in border-color transitions between non-color keywords and color values)
CORE-33417 (Element background not clipped when border-radius applied and background-clip has padding-box or content-box value)
CORE-35409 (Computed styles for border-*-*-radius not supported)
CORE-18580 (getComputedStyle() translates RGB to hex for colour values, makes AOL webmail believe you are in high contrast mode)
CORE-36814 (Memory leak when reloading documents connected to debugger)
CORE-38047 (Crash when gradient is set on body with zero height)
CORE-37954 (Base URL issues for CSS Stylesheets)
CORE-36906 (Too big reserved region in case of a transform in clipped content in overflow situation)
CORE-37731 (Memory usage improvements to ES cache)
CORE-37907 (Parser "eats" Unicode)
CORE-35667 (Unicode "PAW PRINTS" and word-wrap: break-word freeze on Twitter)
CORE-34598 (RegExp in Unicode range compilation problem)
CORE-37634 (focus() method is not always working)
CORE-38007 (Plugix' plug-in proxy crashes Opera)
CORE-37036 (widget access requests don't work in extensions)
CORE-36874 (Scrollbar appears in select tags which have background-color)
CORE-38339 (Crash on remove cssRule)
CORE-37442 (Crash on printing a page with frames and no body tags)
CORE-38220 (Crash in documentedit when removing the first line in body element)
CORE-37382 (Some problems with dirty Link sync)
CORE-38223 (Regexps no longer callable (along with Mozilla and WebKit))
CORE-30039 (Some Google Font Preview fonts don’t load (Droid Sans))
CORE-36400 (Handling for empty web font files)
CORE-37383 (Double download of some URLs)
CORE-33605 (opera:cache does not show the contents of IDN)
CORE-37379 (Cookies added to localhost via AddCookie are not returned by GetCookie)
CORE-37008 (onchange event doesn't fire on month or week input types)
CORE-27649 (input type=number ignores readonly)
CORE-33273 (The attribute "required" on select elements not supported)
CORE-37083 (input type=tel and type=search ignored pattern and maxlength when validating form)
CORE-38209 (Wrong pattern matching for input element: pattern="a|ab" doesn't match ab)
CORE-34081 ('in' operator testing for event handlers on window and document fails for onclick, onkeypress and other events)
CORE-30832 (Eval-ing arguments returns unhandledException)
CORE-29804 (An anonymous function doesn't eval in the specified scope)
CORE-37107 (GetCookie stopped working when using paths other than root)
CORE-36836 (stop on new script mode does not stop for HTML attribute scripts)
CORE-36015 (Can't step past new-statements for built-in constructors)
CORE-37035 (Scope function declaration placed inside generated block)
CORE-37109 (ES to JSON converter creates invalid JSON when inital elements in an array are NULL)
CORE-36405 (No urlload events triggered for XHR in some circumstances)
CORE-37345 (Crash after opening Dragonfly on page with insertRule and @import)

Операционная система: Windows All
Тип лицензии: Freeware
Язык интерфейса: Русский/Multilanguage
Размер: 9.55 MB

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Opera v 11.50.1024 Beta
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