NewTek SpeedEdit v2.0

NewTek SpeedEdit v2.0

Компания NewTek представила новую программную систему цифрового нелинейного монтажа SpeedEDIT. Как утверждают ее создатели, SpeedEDIT является самой скоростной системой в своем классе.
В монтажной системе NewTek SpeedEDIT применен технологический алгоритм нового поколения, позволяющий монтажеру полностью сосредоточиться на творчестве. Система работает с любым разрешением, отношением сторон кадра и форматом материал, от потокового видео до HD. Клипы любого разрешения могут располагаться на одной и той же временной шкале.
"Многие монтажеры, привыкшие к техпроцессу монтажа кино, знают о том, что мы больше не работаем с пленкой. На самом деле большинство голливудских студий уже отказалось от пленки. При разработке SpeedEDIT компания NewTek фокусировалась на том, чтобы создать максимально быстрый инструмент монтажа цифрового видео, хранящегося на жестких дисках компьютера, - объяснил вице-президент NewTek по маркетингу Филипп Нельсон (Philip Nelson). - SpeedEDIT заслуживает эпитета "самая быстрая видеомонтажка в мире", потому что нам удалось исключить стадию транскодирования, присутствующую в других монтажных системах. А возможность смешивания на одной временной шкале в режиме реального времени видео форматов AVI, QuickTime, MPEG-2 и HDV сохранена. Кроме того, SpeedEDIT динамически связывает временную шкалу и окно проекта.

Основные характеристики SpeedEDIT:
- поддержка любого разрешения;
- поддержка любой частоты кадров;
- ввод во всех основных форматах;
- монтаж в исходных форматах;
- предварительный просмотр HD в полном разрешении в режиме реального времени;
- размещение клипов SD и HD на одной временной шкале;
- повышающее и понижающее преобразование в режиме реального времени;
- связь временной шкалы и окна проекта;
- анимированное титрование посредством CG Post;
- коррекция баланса по белому;
- цветокоррекция по трем векторам в режиме реального времени;
- четырехполосный выбор цвета;
- возможность модификации проекта во время воспроизведения;
- фоновый просчет;
- создание и вызов предустановок для клипов;
- маркировка клипов цветом;
- оптимизация под процессоры Dual-core;
- трехмерная анимация в режиме реального времени;
- позиционирование объемного звука;
- замедленное воспроизведение с интерполяцией в режиме реального времени;
- вывод по интерфейсу FireWire с любой кадровой частотой, в любом разрешении и с любом форматом кадра;
- неограниченное количество Undo в проекте.


New in SpeedEDIT 2:

Real-time keying with proprietary NewTek LiveMatte™ technology (SpeedEDIT 2.1)

Place talent in front of a green or blue screen and use the LiveMatte controls to fine-tune color selection, smoothness, edge detail and light spill around the talent, so you get a clean key. There's also a garbage matte feature, providing the ability to mask out areas not covered by the backdrop.

24-bit audio support (SpeedEDIT 2.1)

Add royalty-free and other music files to your soundtrack, easily, with support for 24-bit WAV files.

Expanded Hardware Support

Offers extended real-time preview and playback with support for Blackmagic Design™ and other compatible external video devices.

Additional File Support

SpeedEDIT 2 supports Cineform™ AVI, selected AVCHD formats, JVC GY-HM700 and GY-HM100 camera files (.mp4 and .mov). Software also includes improved QuickTime® support and enhanced MXF with improved reading of additional file formats such as XDCAM HD.

Enhanced Sub-Projects

Color correct, animate positioning, rotation and size as Sub-Projects now support full Overlay and Control Tree options. In addition, a combined waveform is shown for up to four audio channels.

New Slow Motion Options

Linear, for smooth interpolation between frames and Hybrid, for enhanced image sharpness.

Locate Camera Files

Locate Camera Files searches nested folders and makes “instance files” for clips.

Play Range

Restrict playback or looping to an area of interest in your project using the new Play Range function.

Show Time Option

Allows you to view either time code or frame count.

Enhanced Preview Capture Panel

View video in either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios.

Additional SpeedEDIT Benefits:

Simultaneous Storyboard and Timeline Views

SpeedEDIT provides linked, interactive Storyboard and Timeline editing.

Dual Timeline Views of the Same Project

Timeline provides simultaneous wide and close-up views of your project.

Real-Time Layering

Capitalize on a PCI Express graphics card, which gives you real-time access to multiple video layers with titles.

3D Control of Position, Size and Rotation

Use Auto Keyframe to recall every action that you take in the visual positioning panel.

SpeedHQ™ Codec

NewTek SpeedHQ video codec provides resolution independence, 4:2:2 color space, and alpha channel support for layering and compositing in other applications.

Next-Generation Workflow

Simultaneous Storyboard and Timeline editing allows you to quickly build your program by dropping clips and effects in the Storyboard view and then refine them using Timeline.

No Transcoding

Save time by editing clips straight from the camera.

Format Independent

No format or file conversions; with SpeedEDIT, simply drop in your QuickTime, AVI or MPEG-2 clips and begin editing.

One Story, Multiple Outputs

Easily share and distribute your project using a variety of outputs, including video, DVD, Web and cell phone – all accessible with the click of a button.

Real-Time HD

Edit in HD, SD or both. SpeedEDIT allows immediate playback of clips, color corrections, transitions, slow motion and more.

HD Render Presets

Render an HD project in Windows Media® HD, VC-1 or Blu-ray™

VST Audio Plugin Support

Virtual Studio Technology allows you to use hundreds of audio tools for sophisticated sweetening. SpeedEDIT provides dozens of audio plugins.

Force I-Frames

Use project markers to determine the exact frame to begin each DVD chapter for faster authoring.

Project Backup

The Project Backup Wizard quickly transfers all your assets to another drive for easy transport or archiving.

Resolution Independence

Output in any resolution including HD, SD and sizes appropriate for streaming.

Edit in Native Formats

Your clips in HD, XDCAM HD, DVCPro, MPEG-2, M2t, QuickTime, AVCHD, AVI and most other formats are ready to use the moment you drag them into SpeedEDIT.

Auto-Insert Fades into Project

Insert smooth fades into a selected region or into your entire project with one key stroke.

Process All Clips in HD Resolutions

Image super-sampling allows you to transparently scale SD clips to HD.

Overlapping Clips Auto-Fade

Shorten or lengthen the pace of a dissolve by sliding a clip in Storyboard view.

Modify Project While it Plays

Add or delete clips from your project while it is playing.

Global In/Out Adjustment

Select a group of clips and shorten, lengthen, rotate or color correct the entire region at once.

Clip Roll-Over Previews in File Bin

Quickly choose the shot that you want from among numerous takes, and drag it straight to Timeline or Storyboard.

Quick Copy Clips

Create a new copy of a clip, complete with all of the settings from the original clip.

Clip Inherit

Replace a previously edited, sized or positioned clip with another. SpeedEDIT automatically assigns all of the properties applied from the deleted clip to the new clip.

Local Scrubbing

Scrub through any specific clip within a layer.

Fade Handles on Clips

Ramp transparency for video and volume for audio clips using the Fade handles in the lower corners of a clip.

Audio Waveform Feedback

Adjustments to audio levels are immediately visible in the clip’s Timeline waveform as you make changes.

Intelligent Background Rendering

HD and multi-layered SD projects may require more disk bandwidth than your laptop can provide. Dynamic background rendering keeps your complex edits ready for playback as soon as possible. Make a small change, and only the adjusted portion redraws for immediate feedback.

Real-Time Full Resolution Fielded On-Screen Rendering

Fielded (or progressive) video is displayed on your monitor.


Permanently save your actions with the ability undo/redo your project decisions at any time.

User Presets

Any action can be saved as a Tool Shed preset, such as a clip fly-through, color enhancement, gamma boost and more.

Save Clip Settings

Save items such as music clips marked to the beat of the music. These saved instances point back to source clips and take up no disk space.

Classify Clips by Color

Use color designations to distinguish between a variety of elements such as audio narration, music clips, background effects and more.

Cut to Music or Narration

Trim all video clips to fit within markers for building a project to music or narration.

Combine HD and SD Clips on the Timeline

All resolutions and formats can be mixed without converting or scaling.

Real-Time Up-and-Down Conversion

Edit a project in any resolution, from a maximum of 2880x1920 to a 320x240 stream and then render it out at any resolution, progressive or fielded.

YUV Render Engine

Get faster feedback with more accurate color.

Full Resolution HD Previews

HD provides more clarity, detail and subtle coloration for accurate monitoring of your project.

IEEE 1394 (FireWire®) Interface

Ingest or lay back video using the FireWire interface.

CG Post™

Use animated titling in any aspect or resolution. Nearly 200 preset pages provide a great starting point for title creation.

Fully Multi-Threaded

SpeedEDIT software takes full advantage of the processing power of multi-core systems for maximum performance.

White Balance Correction

Make either subtle or major warm/cool correction to your video.

Real-Time Three-Wheel Color Correction

Make color adjustments in real-time with smoothing between bands using a color wheel, or SpeedEDIT’s unique Waveform or Vectorscope views.

Four-Band Color Selection

Modify the saturation or hue of any color that you select.

Spline-Based Control of All Properties and Effects

Connect two keyframes using a spline curve, which allows for subtle control over audio levels, color corrections and playback speeds.

Real-Time Image Sequence Playback

Image sequences play back instantly in full resolution, with support for Targa, Tiff, png, PSD, jpeg and more. When you roll over a file sequence, the thumbnail plays the sequence in real-time.

Real-Time Video and Audio Filters

All filters are real-time and can be animated.

3D Audio Positioning

Pan and fade audio with the ability to keyframe while the clip is playing.

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