Gemini v6.120 Retail

Gemini v6.120 Retail

Программа для извлечения из PDF-файлов текста и изображений. Gemini позволяет экспортировать текст из PDF в различные форматы, включая HTML, RTF, DOC, а также изображения, в форматы JPEG, EPS, TIFF, PNG и BMP. Программа поддерживает все стандартные PDF документы, в том числе защищенные паролем.

Gemini quickly converts text & images in PDF documents into other formats. Whether you wish to post a user manual on the internet, an article from a newspaper, a financial report or entire book, Gemini saves you time and effort. Gemini can export the text within a PDF in a variety of formats including HTML, RTF & plain text. It supports all standards of PDF plus password protected documents. As well as text formats, Gemini can export photos and graphics as JPEG, EPS, TIFF, PNG and BMP. It can convert embedded images, render artwork or entire documents at a range of sizes, resolutions and colour depths. The software also offers a host of advanced features and customisation making it one of the oldest and most comprehensive PDF converters available for Macintosh or Windows PCs. If your PDF has bookmarks Gemini can output them as hyper-links. In HTML, it can present the bookmarks side by side with the pages using frames for easier navigation. Even if your PDF does not have any bookmarks, Gemini will create a set of bookmarks by looking at titles and headings throughout the PDF – a real time saver when converting long documents. Using the powerful batch-export feature for example, its a simple task to generate thumbnails for 100’s of PDFs in one operation or to convert a folder full of PDFs into multi-page TIFFs or HTML.

  • Convert PDF to RTF (for MS Word), HTML, ASCII, Open eBook, Palm Doc
  • Convert tables into text, HTML, RTF, and SYLK (for MS Excel)
  • Export images as JPEG, TIFF (multi-page), PNG, BMP, EPS
  • Render PDF at a variety of resolutions and colour depths
  • Customize HTML – headers, footers, frames, navigation links
  • Retain approximate page layout in ASCII, HTML and RTF
  • Preserve text reading order by using Article Threads
  • Preserve hyper-text links in HTML, eBook and RTF
  • Convert Hebrew PDF into logical & visual HTML
  • Advanced character re-mapping for "problem" PDFs
  • Retain clip paths and OPI names with Photoshop compatible EPS
  • Batch conversion
  • Hyperlinks & Bookmarks
  • Gemini will preserve hyper-text links from the original PDF document. These can be links to pages, to other PDFs or to the world wide web.

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    ОС: WinALL
    Язык / Language: Английский (English)
    Размер / Size: 11.09 Mb


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    Gemini v6.120 Retail
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