Cecima WinDesign v10.0.4

Cecima WinDesign v10.0.4

Система разработки реляционных баз данных, поддерживает большое количество стандартов: Access, Foxpro, Paradox, Oracle, SQL Base, SQL Server, Uniface, Unify, DB2,Ingres. Автоматическое создание сценариев : Сценарии для создания новой базы данных и коррекция баз, в соответствии с синтаксисом DBMS. Сценарии Конфигурация драйверов : способность определять новый драйвер, синтаксис и определение специфичности DBMS (база, таблица, столбец, тип, ограничение, индекс, триггер, пункт, правила), драйверная спецификация documentation.

User interface forms of the future software application. The assisted form modeling is done from a LDM dictionary, by selecting a table column, a table, a SQL view, an external view or a data group and using the drag & drop function to insert the selected object in the form. To generate database creation and update scripts : Automatic script generation, from the LDM for more than 30 target DBMSs, referential integrity triggers, ... To reverse or re-document your databases, re-using the existing : your databases, re-using the existing : Database reverse engineering, via ODBC or scripts. To document and customize easily and quickly the design results : Graphic print with page make-up options (frame, scale, orientation, page selection, adjustment, centring, impression in colour, black and white, ...) Reports composition with general options or specific ones by edition (coversheet, header and footer, index, table of contents, ordering, graphic insertion, ...), edition detail levels choice, presentation customization by edit form, re-use of the document in your word processor

New abilities to customize and organize crossed references ...
Offering a true improvement of the direct "visibility" of the object and of its impact analysis on the other objects

Evolutions of the queries system ...
Integration of the new crossed references organization.

Management of the diagram ...
In Version 9, the "diagram" is managed as an object of the meta model.

Updating of the external dictionary ...
Making easier the use of the general shared notions.

Evolution of the workspace management ...
A workspace can now be composed of other workspaces. This allows thinner organizational or thematic splittings, improve consolidations and enlarge impact analysis.

Complete revision of the publisher

Evolutions of the intranet publisher ...
Several improvements in the generation and presentation of the modelings and of the associated intranet publication

Version 10 : overview of the main innovations
• New specific WinDesign's house style book
• New entry point to select the modules of WinDesign
• New possibilities of automatic links creation between graphic representation of the objects
• New function enabling the creation of objects end their links withour prior graphic representation
• New toolsbar to manage the access to the objects
• New capacities in the customization of the profile (related to these new functions)
• New function to create a diagram based on another one
• Evolution of the hierarchical breakdown function
• Improvement of the "Associated files" function, enabling the association of any internet link (http, @, ftp, ...) to the object
• New function ot generate the documentation of the meta model contents
• New available options for the diagrams saving, imporving performances at opening

Homepage - http://www.win-design.com/en/index.htm
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Cecima WinDesign v10.0.4
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