OnOne PhotoTune v 3.0.6

OnOne PhotoTune v 3.0.6

PhotoTune — еще один плагин для Adobe Photoshop от onOne Software, позволяющий быстро корректировать цифровые фотографии. Плагин PhotoTune работает в трех режимах: обработка изображений с людьми, обработка изображений без людей и профессиональный режим. С помощью PhotoTune вы сможете отредактировать цвет кожи человека, четкость картинки, насыщенность, цвета и многое другое. Фактически, PhotoTune — это единый набор из плагинов для коррекции тона, цвета и кожи человека. В обычном режиме плагин работает в качестве пошагового мастера, где все параметры настраиваются автоматически и вам нужно выбрать только желаемый вариант из двух результатов картинки.

Возможности PhotoTune:
» Работа в трех режимах: фото с людьми, без людей и про-режим
» Пошаговый мастер, который поможет вам быстро и легко откорректировать фотографии (фото с людьми и без)
» Интуитивное преобразование цветных фотографий в черно-белые
» Настройка яркости и контраста картинки
» Настройка цветов и тона фотографии
» Корректировка цвета кожи человека
» Настройка резкости и четкости фотографии
» Использование встроенных пресетов и сохранение настроек в пресеты
» Быстрый доступ к PhotoTune 3 из панели OnOne в Photoshop CS3/CS4
» Интеграция с Adobe Lightroom

- About PhotoTune 3 and imsense
The new PhotoTune 3 uses patented eye-fidelity technology, originally developed by and licensed from imsense. imsense has developed and patented breakthrough algorithms to solve the problem of Dynamic Range Correction in standard and HDR images. eye-fidelity renders images faithful to the image the eye saw. It ensures that detail is revealed while maintaining color balance and integrity and the deliberate effects, such as region highlighting, employed by the photographer. eye-fidelity technology is unmatched for the speed, quality and versatility of its output.

- New!Automatic Correction
PhotoTune 3 now features a state-of-art automatic correction algorithm called eye-fidelity originally developed by imsense. In a single click, this amazing new eye-fidelity technology will correct the brightness, contrast, color and dynamic range of any photo. This goes way beyond a simple auto-levels or shadow-highlight adjustment. It actually remaps tones to increase the dynamic range and make it appear more true-to-life, the way your eye saw the scene when you first captured the digital photo.

- Improved Wizard
At the heart of PhotoTune is the patented step-by-step wizard that simplifies the correction of your image without the need to understand complicated color and tone controls. This has been enhanced to combine the new auto-correction algorithm, SkinTune color correction and sharpening. This makes the wizard the fastest and easiest way to optimize your images no matter what your experience level.

- New!Pro Controls
PhotoTune 3 also adds a new professional interface for users who desire complete control. You have access to the tone, color, SkinTune and detail controls. PhotoTune takes away the complex concepts like levels and curves and and provides simply ways to make advanced adjustments like sharpening, portrait color correction and gray purity. With the simply, innovative controls you just slide your image in the preview space to make adjustments that look good to your eye. No need to understand complex histograms and curves.

- Intuitive Black and White Conversions
You can create great looking black and white images from your color photos with PhotoTune as well. Simply flip the black and white switch and you are working just like Ansel Adams. Use the color controls to change the tone, just like using filters over your camera lens.

- Skin Color Control
The SkinTune controls, which automatically color-correct portraits in a single click, have been improved to give the option to only correct the subjects skin, rather than the entire image. This makes it more useful when working with models where the rest of the scene is color correct, but the subject’s skin may need a correction.

- Smart Filter:
PhotoTune 3 can now be used as a Smart Filter in Photoshop CS3 and CS4 allowing you to make non-destructive, re-editable adjustments on Smart Objects like Raw files. When used in conjunction with the new Lightroom integration this creates a seamless, non-destructive workflow experience for your raw images.

- New!Lightroom/Aperture Integration
Like other onOne products, PhotoTune 3 now supports integration with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture. This allows users to access PhotoTune 3 and its presets directly inside the workflow applications they use everyday. (note, Lightroom integration requires a full version of Photoshop as well.)

- New!Recently Used Presets
PhotoTune 3 now allows users to save presets, which store all of the color and tone corrections, so they can be applied to other similar images. This can be accomplished inside of Photoshop directly, or inside of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or Apple Aperture.

- New!onOne Panel
The new onOne Panel in Adobe Photoshop allows you to quickly launch PhotoTools without having to navigate through Photoshop's menus. But it takes that power even farther by giving you access to your favorite presets right from the panel as well. This will save time by allowing you to apply your most frequently used effects right inside of Photoshop.

What's new in PhotoTune 3.0.6
* Improved performance and stability
* Defect correction

ОС | OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Официальный сайт | Home Page: http://www.ononesoftware.com
Интерфейс | Interface: English
Размер | Size: 88.2 Mb
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