Axonic Lookeen v3.7.1.4392

Axonic Lookeen v3.7.1.4392

Иногда секунды бесконечны. Когда при открытии веб-сайта загрузка длится несколько секунд, - то вы должны остановиться и выйти из рабочего процесса. То же самое происходит, когда вы ждете при работе с электронной почтой! В конце дня все эти секунды влияют на нашу эффективность работы! Добро пожаловать в Lookeen - приложение для Microsoft Outlook, которое изменит вашу ежедневную работу навсегда! Lookeen работает с Outlook 2003, 2007 и 2010 и Exchange Server 2003, 2007 и 2010 годов.

Lookeen is the award-winning email solution for Outlook users – 100% integrated into Microsoft Outlook.

* Search in up to 100 Gigabytes
* No missing results, no more waiting for important data
* Search for e-mails, attachments, appointments, tasks, notes and contacts
* Integrated Desktop search: Search all files on your computer
* Central indexing reduces server and network traffic
* Supports Exchange Server, external PST-Archives and network drives
* Installation in a few clicks, Free trial for 14 days
* Over 20.000 highly satisfied clients worldwide

Time and accuracy are critial factors in your daily business life. Choose Lookeen and start searching professional.

High performance Search for emails and contacts integrated in Outlook
With the Lookeen 2010 add-on, the unofficial successor to Microsoft Lookout, you search your Outlook fast and easy for e-mails and attachments.
The search tool of Axonic indexes your entire outlook data, giving a unbeatable fast search. Lookeen searches in very type of Outlook items: e-mail, appointments, tasks, notes and contacts. Lookeen searches even within attachments. All PST files of your computer can be indexed so that every PST archive becomes searchable.
Thousands of customers worldwide have made Lookeen to an essential part of your Outlook. Lookeen was especially designed to index high data volumes with up to several million emails and files. Lookeen has very low system impact an is extremely thrifty of system resources.

Desktop Search
Lookeen is also a very effective desktop search and findes files both in local and in network environments. External drives and remote file server Lookeen are indexed as well. As a the search tool Lookeen addition combines features of a traditional desktop solution like from the global players as Google and Microsoft with the benefits of a deep Outlook integration. Whether PDF, PST or Doc – The Outlook tool finds your results in all of them.

Central Indexing and Enterprise Search
Enterprises and large companies manage their data centrally on the Microsoft Exchange Server and on network drives. The “shared index” feature of Lookeen allows companies to index public data only once. Public Folders and network drives are shared in the company. The result: Less server resources and less network traffic – both exchange server modes are supported: Cached and Uncached mode. Microsoft SharePoint Services is supported by Lookeen through the Outlook interface.

Download and Installation
The download of the add-on is as simple as the search itself. After only two minutes of install the tool is ready to use: No complicated installation required, no administration or server configuration required.

Terminal Server and Citrix Outlook installations
Lookeen works in Terminal Server and Citrix environments. Via Group Policies “GPO” administrators can adapt the Lookeen to nearly every possible system.
Lookeen is running Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 7, Windows Vista and is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. The Outlook program is automatically in Office 2003 package, Office 2007 and Office 2010.

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Axonic Lookeen v3.7.1.4392
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