Efofex FX Graph v4.001.7

Efofex FX Graph v4.001.7

FX Graph - простой, удобный и серьёзный инструмент для построения всевозможных графиков функций. Обладает ещё большим количеством способоностей построения, чем это может показаться на первый взгляд. Строит в считанные секунды! FX Graph самостоятельно находит точки, представляющие наибольший интерес и показывает их автоматически.

hat's Wrong With Other Graphing Packages?

Most graphing packages have their individual strengths but we have identified six common faults.
FX Graph 3
Setting axes is too difficult. Students find it near impossible to set suitable axes for graphs. FX Graph makes setting axes about as easy as it can be - it can even be totally automatic. Axes that would take minutes to create with other graphing packages can be created in seconds.
Entering functions is too difficult. There are too many "tricks" to learn. FX Graph uses Efofex's equation technology. Equations are entered as the student sees them. There are very few "tricks" to learn.
Finding Points of Interest (maxima, minima, intercepts, asymptotes, point discontinuities, points of intersection, points of inflection) is too difficult. FX Graph automatically calculates all points of interest and displays them when the mouse is close. There is nothing to learn - just move the mouse.
Annotating graphs - adding labels to important points is too difficult or impossible. FX Graph allows you to add comprehensive annotations to graphs with a simple click. When FX Graph AUTOMATICALLY displays an important point, ONE CLICK will turn it into a permanent annotation.
The graphs the package draws do not look like the ones you draw. FX Graph will let you draw graphs exactly the way you want them. Our international focus means that just about every option is available.
The packages are too complex and overwhelming - especially for younger students. FX Graph is designed to be simple to use with a very small learning curve. Thirteen year old, average students will be using it to graph functions in minutes. Eighteen year old, talented students will not find it limiting.

I Already Use FX Graph 2. Why Upgrade?

Because FX Graph 3 has addressed every issue that has been raised with FX Graph 2. Very quickly, the extra things that FX Graph 3 can do include:
More Power - Easier to Use
Implicitly Defined Functions & Conics
Feasible Regions
Constants and Animations
Points and Vectors
Equal Aspect and Fixed Size scales
Dozens of Other Improvements

As an existing user of FX Graph 2, we will rebate 40% of your existing licence against any purchase.
What Can FX Graph 3 Do?
Graph Cartesian, inverse, conic, implicitly defined, polar and parametric relationships.
Analyse most functions and provide information on important points automatically.
Plot points, groups of points and vectors.
Graph on equal aspect and fixed scale axes
Automatically detect asymptotes and point discontinuities in rational functions.
Show tangent lines and 1st and 2nd derivative curves.
Calculate and display definite integrals including areas to the y axis.
Zoom and graph on broken axes.
Easily annotate your graph using automatically generated text.
Graph inequations and the feasible region for a system of inequations.
Include constants in functions - interactive animations
Produce publication quality graphics with a minimum of effort.
And much more.
There Must be Something to Learn. How do I Get Started?

Of course there are some things to learn about FX Graph and we have the ideal way of teaching both you and your students. Our free email tutorials lead you step-by-step through the software in simple, five-minute lessons delivered to your inbox daily. There are 19 lessons in total and you can download them as one file if you wish. They are a great, low impact way of learning about FX Graph. You can register for email tutorials on our website at any time.

Оф.сайт / Site: whttp://www.efofex.com/fxgraph.php
ОС: Windows XP and Windows Vista/7
Размер / Size: 11.24 MB

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Efofex FX Graph v4.001.7
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