Opera v 10.70.9067 Beta

Opera v 10.70.9067 Beta

Opera - очень быстрый и нетребовательный к ресурсам системы и к тому же ищё и бесплатный браузер с собственным ядром. Имеет встроенный менеджер закачек.
Opera отличается малыми размерами, скоростью загрузки HTML документов, универсальностью в загрузке и отображении веб-страниц, богатством настроек и абсолютной функциональностью. Благодаря многообразию своих настроек, Opera может помочь вам сберечь драгоценное онлайновое время и работать с вашим компьютером наиболее эффективно, то есть использовать Opera как профессиональный браузер, управляя выводом графических изображений, использованием каскадных таблиц стилей и интерфейсом.

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.

Изменения в последней версии:
DSK-314279 (New note created when clicking empty area of notes list)
DSK-295578 (Wrong temporary download file used when opening files from download dialog in external editor more than once)

DSK-313628 (Doesn't run on Windows 2000)
DSK-245127 (Hebrew (RTL) text with negative letter-spacing hard to read)

DSK-312788 (New windows opened from keyboard shortcut opens with empty workspace)
DSK-314900 (Animations stop when opening menus)
DSK-298447 (Widget have two application menus on Mac OS 10.5)
DSK-296097 (Interrupted scrolling in address bar drop-down)
DSK-314886 (View: Toolbars disabled after enabling one toolbar)
DSK-314917 (Redesigned Close tab button)
DSK-313510 (White background behind form controls)
DSK-298558 (Cannot clear file chooser to unset option/restore default on Mac)
DSK-314033 (Does not always react on mouse-clicks after right-click on context menus)

DSK-313761 (Middle-click in edit fields searches on Google as well as pasting)

Unite and Widgets
DSK-313755 (Crash when trying to install widget)
CORE-21618 (Added preference to enable Unite)
CORE-29516 (Upgrade Unite preferences)
CORE-31309 (Unite service announcement contains invalid XML)
CORE-31431 (Support dir attribute on widget, name, description, author and license elements in config.xml)
CORE-27980 (Support for multiple icon sizes in widgets)
CORE-27682 (Control geolocation access by feature element define in widgets)
CORE-30009 (Empty content element or when set to incorrect namespace crash on loading widget)
CORE-29377 (Unzip sometimes fails for files with upper case)
CORE-30216 (Clicking links relative to widget documents opens them in browser)
CORE-31426 (Widgets don't always have access to network after restart)
CORE-32161 (Crash when stopping a Unite service twice from service page)

CORE-26063 (Add support for Web Sockets)
CORE-29054 (Don’t Turbo compression servers when loading plug-ins)
CORE-31885 (Wrong error message when accessing non-existent property of object)
CORE-301 (Setting document.title has no effect if document doesn't have a title element)
CORE-22867 (Navigating to an OGG file should play the video inline)
CORE-21639 (Add box-decoration-break and update background shorthand)
CORE-31134 (Password manager loosing passwords after setting and later changing master password)
CORE-31518 (Windows Media Player plug-in does not load stream when data attribute set but not src attribute)
CORE-24808 (Header info for plug-in lost after restart)
CORE-31299 (Label element does not focus select elements)
CORE-31585 (Clicking a visible label should fire onclick on invisible input)
CORE-30197 (Using spatial navigation after writing image map to document causes crash)
CORE-31929 (Random crash on exit)
CORE-31670 (Layout performance regression)
CORE-31350 (Can't access page through SSL by direct link)
CORE-31443 (Ignores the header UserJS with BOM)
CORE-27927 (Does not show server sent error page for 504 and 417 HTTP error codes)
CORE-32365 (Too strict same origin rule for cached resources in application cache)
CORE-31661 (Background of favicon changes on hover)
CORE-29111 (Scrolled iframe doesn't repaint)
CORE-503 (onload for sub-frame documents is not triggered until whole frameset is loaded)
CORE-28496 (100 iframes pointing to themselves causes 6^100 documents, which makes opera freeze)
CORE-11754 (Erasing with Control–Backspace can be trigger happy)
CORE-31569 (SVG color attributes get the wrong string value after changing with RGB Color)
CORE-31456 (Overflow:hidden hides background image in a transformed (rotated) element)
CORE-31939 (CSS transform rotate with overflow:hidden clips image)
CORE-31269 (Crash on canvas)
CORE-20408 (Drop-down list doesn't have border around it when collapsed)
CORE-31448 (Wrong position of Shockwave Director inside iframes)
CORE-31619 (Sends garbage when plugin ask for URL property)
CORE-30971 (XML document served as text/html can break font switch-writing system)
CORE-30452 (Google Docs spreadsheet scroll when typing)
CORE-28972 (mail.qq.com can not finish sending a mail)
CORE-24224 Acid3 test fails on browserscope.org (reflow during script thread only propagates into 1 level of framed documents)
CORE-28700 (Appending video element fails after cloneNode)
CORE-29664 (Second call to xhr.setRequestHeader() throws error. Facebook games fix.)
CORE-15299 (Missing onload events on images loaded in parallel (non connected images getting garbage collected))
CORE-30416 (400 Bad Request on The Register because empty cookie value doesn't include an equals sign)
CORE-28121 (Form input fields with border-radius and no border are invisible)
CORE-30185 (Popup blocker enhancements)
CORE-30531 (Google Maps overlay layers not displaying)
CORE-30824 (NSL on some javascript iframe elements)
CORE-30872 (DOM 2 Style methods don't work properly on SVG elements
CORE-30253 (Selection should survive parent DOM update)
CORE-28037 (Empty wrap attribute ignored on pre element)
CORE-30058 (selectedIndex wrong after inserting options)
CORE-30064 (Adding select options at options.length+2 should not insert empty entry)
CORE-17989 (Should allow cookie mode override in ua.ini)
CORE-32912 (Value with invalid/unrecognized function doesn't get dropped)

Операционная система: Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7-x64-x86
Тип лицензии: Freeware
Язык интерфейса: Русский/Multilanguage
Размер: 12.17 MB

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Opera v 10.70.9067 Beta
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