Opera v 10.70.9044

Opera v 10.70.9044

Opera - очень быстрый и нетребовательный к ресурсам системы и к тому же ищё и бесплатный браузер с собственным ядром. Имеет встроенный менеджер закачек.
Opera отличается малыми размерами, скоростью загрузки HTML документов, универсальностью в загрузке и отображении веб-страниц, богатством настроек и абсолютной функциональностью. Благодаря многообразию своих настроек, Opera может помочь вам сберечь драгоценное онлайновое время и работать с вашим компьютером наиболее эффективно, то есть использовать Opera как профессиональный браузер, управляя выводом графических изображений, использованием каскадных таблиц стилей и интерфейсом.

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.

More news
A big Core update. This means that the Presto version number is now updated to 2.6.34. Apart from various fixes, there is also a improved opera:plugins page.
MSI upgrades should now work again!
The Unix people worked on the packaging for Unix builds (including smaller deb and tar packages, better integration with desktop environments and window managers after initial install and new --prefix and --repackaging options for the tar packages).
Start bar blankness should be cured.
Mac fixes
And a bunch of other fixes.

Known regressions
DSK-311692 (Crash when opening from download dialog directly into Opera)
DSK-312506 (Cannot modify the spam filter)
DSK-312575 (Dragging parent feed folder into third level child causes a freeze)
DSK-312014 [Mac] (Mail panel heading flicker on hover)

Изменения в последней версии:
Mail panel work, see above
DSK-268103 (Mail Compose toolbar is not customizable, changes lost after closing the Compose tab)
DSK-308395 (In All Messages/Sent, threaded mode hides initial sent messages that started a thread)
DSK-299649 (Unable to subscribe to RSS feed)
DSK-288813 (Can't close 'font' dialog in mail compose window)
DSK-309979 (Unread count out of sync in mail)
DSK-308591 (Crash on selecting mail account in Mail Compose)
Fixed errors with plain text signature editing

DSK-266308 (Crash related to Master Password dialog on startup)
DSK-270935 (Context menu translation ru-en and en-ru is missed in russian version of Opera)
DSK-274371 (Mouse gestures don't always work on application background unless UI is activated)
DSK-281118 (Not sending referrer when using anything but Left Mouse Button)
DSK-283782 (Widgets menu open links in active tab)
DSK-286253 (Password manager toolbar blank/empty/white when opera:config#UserPrefs|SpeedDialState=3)
DSK-298346 (Start Bar blanked out after opening background tab)
DSK-304368 (Opera might crash on dragging bookmarks)
DSK-307157 (Crash with "Custom Bookmark Merge File" in operaprefs.ini)
DSK-307793 (Middle-click panning does not work in frames)
DSK-307888 (Crash with action "Show search")
DSK-308939 (Bookmarks and Notes are sent on first sync even when disabled)
DSK-309075 (Offline mode doesn't work)
DSK-309308 (Forward is not working on frame content)
DSK-310379 (Private tabs and using F2 "Go to page" address field results in stored url)
DSK-310749 (Bookmark menu is as wide as the longest title)
DSK-310987 (Opera freezes when you try to import a very large bookmark file)
DSK-311317 (Default mouse configuration is a mess)
DSK-311558 (Crash after leaving a page with a flash with wmode="transparent")
DSK-311738 (Bodyless documents crash in accessibility mode)

DSK-284640 (Status Bar becomes black in a not maximized window on restart after enabling the Menu Bar (Aero))
DSK-304850 (installing opera 10.60 windows over-writes saved search preferences)
DSK-307434 (Using Full Screen from the context menu mangles the status bar and tab bar when coming out of full screen)
DSK-311564 (The MSI installer may fail when upgrading an existing installation)

DSK-248015 (Cannot upload or send Mac file bundles (should compress to .zip)
DSK-264158 (Include system wide option Special Characters ... in Edit menu)
DSK-276004 (Support for printing forms)
DSK-293917 (Modal dialog hides below browser if opera is clicked)
DSK-296183 (Cannot paste in Save dialog)
DSK-296978 (Entire widget UI is in English only) (still a problem on first run)
DSK-298450 (Will not quit without mouse events)
DSK-298918 (Cmd + Shift + { or } Shortcut Inconcistency)
DSK-300561 (Pushed buttons should get pressed status (blue background) not selection (focus ring))
DSK-301506 (UNIX editing keys on Mac works twice as expected)
DSK-303469 (HTML5 video, animated gif animations and downloads stop playing when context menu is open)
DSK-304194 (-help crashes Opera)
DSK-309371 (Should fallback to image icon and not attempt to display large images when dragging)
DSK-309450 (Can't create new window by dragging tab in Windows panel)
DSK-309751 (Wrong select option selected when using optgroup)
DSK-309832 (Hidden mouse cursor over plug-in area remains hidden when moving mouse out of plug-in area (also leaks though tabs))
DSK-309849 ("Back" mouse gesture (right hold + left click) causes an extra click)
DSK-310006 (Paints plug-in on UI when overflowing available view)
DSK-310637 (padding breaks vertical slider)
DSK-310874 (IRC "new message" icon on O in dock shows up when the IRC tab is in focus)
DSK-310892 (Address and search field drop-down scrollbars are always inactive)
DSK-311491 (Widgets in widget mode are hidden when they loose focus)
DSK-311598 (Change the definition of the Incomplete Message Toolbar)
DSK-311597 (Make the Mail Header Toolbar darker)
DSK-311905 (Typing is slow when there are many bookmarks)
DSK-312028 (Feeds menu does not update after deleting a feed)
DSK-312009 (Opening and closing color picker leaves all menus disabled)

DSK-275860 (Add XZ compressed tarballs to Opera Linux packages)
DSK-275916 (The new Opera Linux install script should have a '--prefix' option)
DSK-279779 (Add a --repackage option to make repackaging on FreeBSD, Slackware, Arch, Gentoo, etc. easier)
DSK-289099 (Opera deb packages should use LZMA)
DSK-289213 (Should provide a Debian menu file)
DSK-289655 (Call gtk-update-icon-cache if available after install)
DSK-290423 (Gnome menus are not updated after a tarball install until DE restart)
DSK-292953 (Resolve problems caused by hard linking)
DSK-295486 (Opera package is shown incorrectly in high-level GUI package managers on Debian based distros)
DSK-295610 (Linux Debian packages should depend on good fonts)
DSK-301124 (Upgrading via the shell script complains about moving files)
DSK-306923 (Replace README.txt or LGPL.txt (from lib/opera/gstreamer) with share/doc/opera/README.gstreamer)
DSK-312507 ('share/icons/hicolor/*/apps/opera-widget.*' icons should be symlinks)

DSK-302362 (Crash when opening Unite app installation links in background)
DSK-303370 (Messenger unite app doesn't load the first time)

Several crash fixes, some discovered from the submitted crashlogs
CORE-2145 (Filter, combined with opacity affects event detection)
CORE-8983 (document.cloneNode fires not_supported_err)
CORE-9143 (navigator.plugins.length > 0 even with no plug-ins used)
CORE-13767 (NaN, Infinity, -Infinity should be ignored)
CORE-15154 (Text alignment with text-anchor failing on bidi text)
CORE-16871 (Allow XML pretty formatting to be turned off, opera:config#UserPrefs|FormatUnstyledXML)
CORE-21280 (UserJS not visible to debugger)
CORE-21764 (Adds methods to enable/disable spellcheck and determine if the current spellcheck state has been set by the user.)
CORE-21769 (Make documentedit aware of the spellcheck attribute.)
CORE-21878 (navigator.plugins.refresh(true) should reload current document)
CORE-23517 (White screen is displayed instead of Yahoo if we repeated "history back" and "history forward".)
CORE-24244 (Performance regression on local ibench in Core 2.4)
CORE-24819 (Patch for never stop loading bug if favicon is last inline to load and times out)
CORE-25024 ( element in SVG does not default to ltr when directionality is unspecified)
CORE-25615 (reading location.hash just after setting gives wrong result in body-less document)
CORE-26286 (Plugin windows don't get removed from the PlugixManager when deleted)
CORE-26766 (SELECT inherits style from initially selected OPTION)
CORE-27560 (triple writing HTML of an IFRAME with source that contains script tag freezes JS (TinyMCE))
CORE-28461 (Memory leak in XMLHttpRequest)
CORE-28499 (Glyph cache settings as a tweak)
CORE-28917 (Page auto-scrolls to top when "new" graphics are incorporated)
CORE-29058 (Painting artifacts with absolute element inside fixed element on scrolling zoomed in page)
CORE-29090 (Fixed off-by-one bug that caused unnecessary scrolling on areas covered by fixed positioned elements. Related to CORE-29058.)
CORE-29535 (Ignore reviver argument to JSON.parse if not callable)
CORE-29829 (Accessing stack before Error is thrown causes it to always be empty)
CORE-29863 (RegExp matching both alternations when it starts to match both)
CORE-29887 (crash on qq.com)
CORE-30053 (Carakan JIT crash)
CORE-30217 (Crash when opening space.com)
CORE-30248 (Backtracking fails with . in regexp)
CORE-30309 (percentage widths on a fixed layout nested table computed incorrectly if there are overflowing descendants)
CORE-30333 (weird OpenLayers console error when JIT kicks in)
CORE-30515 ([Crash] Browser is crashed while loading webpage)
CORE-30523 (Blocked URL should display error page, like when host is not found)
CORE-30542 (video/audio controls get partially invisible when applying a css transform)
CORE-30558 (Search for spaces in page matches seemingly random pieces of text)
CORE-30772 (sina.com.cn crashes when using spatial navigation)
CORE-30785 (Incorrect handling of writes to alias registers in native loop dispatchers)
CORE-30909 (Crash after visiting plugin site)
CORE-30935 (Rounded corners broken when using fix point in libvega)
CORE-30954 (Implement DOM 3 Core isEqualNode)
CORE-30958 (lookupPrefix and isDefaultNamespace bugs in IE's dom testsuite)
CORE-30961 (Implement Event.defaultPrevented from DOM3Events)
CORE-30963 (Implement CustomEvent from DOM3Events)
CORE-30967 (Regexp incorrectly work with non-English symbols)
CORE-30968 (String.concat(): incorrect handling of results of length 1)
CORE-31031 (Improvements for opera:plugins page)
CORE-31032 (Disable specific plugins)
CORE-31081 (-o-content-size regression)
CORE-31082 (100% height, relatively pos child not expanding on increasing absolutely positioned parent)
CORE-31128 (Native code crash on interactive map (tre.it))
CORE-31131 (Crash on www.ernstings-family.de, visibility: collapse row)
CORE-31142 (When loading an animated png, CPU usage goes high and the browser doesn't respond)
CORE-31169 (strokeRect() does not accept negative values for width/height)
CORE-31197 (Runtimes not GC:ed during sunspider run causing too high memory usage)
CORE-31238 (Opera crashes on a page when voice is enabled.)
CORE-31295 (Sequential alerts fail, only the first is shown correctly)
CORE-31441 ("Do you want to run UserJS on secure page" dialog triggers on each reload)
CORE-31460 (Rounded rectangles in SVG are not rounded)
CORE-31515 (Page does not respond to input after clicking transparent flash)
CORE-31638 (the error message "Unable to complete secure transaction" is changed)
CORE-31651 (Crash on exit)

Операционная система: Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7-x64-x86
Тип лицензии: Freeware
Язык интерфейса: Русский/Multilanguage
Размер: 12.11 MB

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