XLN Audio ADpak Funk Hybrid v1.5.1 CD-ISO

XLN Audio ADpak Funk Hybrid v1.5.1 CD-ISO

The Funk ADpak для Addictive Drums (это "готовая барабанная студия". Она включает 3 полных комплекта, а так же множество дополнительных барабанов и тарелок. Семплы содержат все нюансы ударов: от самого слабого до самого сильного, а так же множество вариантов ударов. Все семплированные звуки ударных/тарелок записаны в многоканальную микрофонную установку, так же, как была бы записана реальная ударная установка), сосредотачиваясь на современных ударах и звуках фанк-музыки, устанавливает лупы(грувы) и позволяет Вам производить горячую фанк-музыку в мгновение ока.
Почувствуйте ритм фанк-музыки!
Включен совершенно новый Pearl Reference Series Drumkit, полный тарелок и отдельных барабанов, более чем 400 MIDI-ударов и лупов. Вы можете вознестись от скудного сухого звука до объёмного и громкого всего за несколько секунд. Более 3000 готовых битов и сбивок в стиле Funk.

Pearl Reference Series Drumkit
The Pearl Reference Series Drumkit is a piece of masterwork. To perfect the sound Pearl engineered and designed each drum individually. Depending on size and depth, each drum has its own uniqe thickness and combination of wood types for ultimate sound and resonance. The result is one of the best sounding drumkits on the market. With rich, full attack and great tone these drums sit well in almost any mix.

We have combined the Pearl kit with a setup of some of the finest cymbals on the market from Sabian and Paiste. The full kit consists of a 22" thumpy bass drum, a 14" smacky snare drum
with the thickest body we have ever seen and four tom toms from 10" down to 16". In addition to this you get three crashes, two Sabian and one Paiste, a 13" Paiste hihat, the first 13" hihat in Addictive Drums, and a nice dry Sabian Artisan 22" Ride.

High Quality Sampling
When sampling drums and cymbals there is no room for shortcuts or compromises. Everything is done with great care and precision to assure the highest possible quality.

We work with high quality kits in professional recording studios with the best gear we can find. The Funk ADpak was recorded in Studios 301 in Stockholm, Sweden using Neumann, Telefunken, AKG and AEA microphones through Universal Audio preamps. The studio room in Studios 301 has excellent acoustics and considerable size which provides impressive natural room reverb. All samples are meticulously edited and tweaked during the editing phase, ensuring realism, variation and a natural response.

30+ Production Presets

Get instant funk action with the included production presets tweaked by a professional studio engineer. Go from tight to big, fat to thin, high to low in just a couple of clicks. The different preset categories are: Clean, Roomy, Tight, Natural w Comp and Effected. Either use the presets as they are or edit them the way you like. You are in control!

MIDI Grooves & Fills

The Funk ADpak comes with more than 400 MIDI grooves in contemporary style and a wide range of tempos and feels. All MIDI files in Funk were recorded live by a drummer for the ultimate live feel. The Master Funk Grooves are long MIDI files, up to 32 bars divided into Verse, Bridge, Chorus and Middle8 ready to be dragged and dropped into your arrangments.

The Funk Beats come in both straight and swing feel and have lots of variations like 16th hihat, 8th hihat, 4th hihat, ride variations, sidestick variations and more. Also included are atotal of 60 funk fills in different tempos and four different lengths.

Оф.сайт / Site: http://www.xlnaudio.com/?page=products&p_page=adpaks&i_page=funk
ОС: Windows XP and Windows Vista/7
Язык / Language: Английский (English)
Размер / Size: 515 MB


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XLN Audio ADpak Funk Hybrid v1.5.1 CD-ISO
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