Native Instruments Kontakt v5.0.3 VSTi RTAS (x86/x64)

Native Instruments Kontakt v5.0.3 VSTi RTAS (x86/x64)

Новый софтверный сэмплер от Native Instruments Kontakt - так называется новинка - отличается от своих собратьев, "софтовых" сэмлеров, довольно инновационным внешним видом и усовершенствованным сэмплерным движком. В дополнение ко всем уже известным функциям подобного рода программ, Kontakt предоставляет совершенно новые технологии сэмплинга. Благодаря таким возможностям, как "time-stretch" в реальном времени, графическое управление огибающими сэмпла, а также встроенному луп-редактору, отлично смоделированным аналоговым фильтрам и "наглядной" визуальной модуляции, вы, вне всякого сомнения, высоко оцените качество нового продукта компании Native Instruments.

KONTAKT 5 delivers a number of large-scale enhancements, extending the creative power of the industry standard sampler further than ever before.

An authentic re-interpretation of a classic studio effect— a uniquely clean and musical 4-band EQ switchable to shelf on the low and high bands, plus two full parametric mid-bands.

Also available as a fully-fledged product in its own right, this virtual reproduction of a legendary compressor adds presence and drive without blurring the detail. Though traditionally used to "glue a mix together", it's not just for bus compression!

Another premium-grade effect, also available separately — TRANSIENT MASTER is an incredibly musical and versatile tool for re-shaping any kind of percussive sound. Make a sound hit harder, or shorten the resonance tail of a sound that rings too long. Bring instruments to the front of the mix or smooth out spikiness.

By simulating the natural, harmonic compression of analog tape, the TAPE SATURATOR adds a pleasing warmth to your sound. And pushed a little harder, it delivers a smooth, organic overdrive.

* These pro-league effects are also available as fully fledged individual products - but you have them already included here in KONTAKT 5.

KONTAKT 5 enhances your creative sound design palette with 37 new, high-quality filters, developed by the creative mastermind behind MASSIVE. The range covers the whole spectrum from classic state variable low-pass filters to avant-garde formant filters, and nine of the new additions employ groundbreaking adaptive resonance technology. These 'AR' filters manage resonance peaks automatically — like an intelligent limiter inside the instrument — to avoid sudden harshness, unpleasant volume bursts, and unwanted distortion.

KONTAKT 5 offers vintage sample modes, straight from the MPC school of beatmaking. These re-create the unique sound and feel of the MPC60 and the SP1200, and are authentic enough to bring a nostalgic tear to the eyes of veteran beatheads everywhere. The algorithms used come from MASCHINE.

An important addition in KONTAKT 5 is the new Time Machine Pro algorithm*, providing super-high-quality time-stretching — particularly suited to melodic and tonal material. Use Time Machine Pro for complete audio fidelity and imperceptible tempo-changes with all harmonic content intact.

*Algorithm developed by zPlane for Native Instruments.

The new 16- bus system introduces comprehensive routing options with integrated insert and send effects. This is a powerful tool for creating detailed effects chains within an instrument. For example, when building a drum kit, you might want to use completely different effects on the kick, toms and snare, while still sending the whole kit to a stereo master channel. Now you can.

KONTAKT 5 provides a new feature in the Kontakt Script Processor: the MIDI file player. Useful for creating instruments that can play patterns, loops and grooves as opposed to single notes. As used in STUDIO DRUMMER’s groove library, which provides over 3,500 exclusive beats and fills as production-ready MIDI patterns.

Customers who buy KONTAKT 5, or update / cross-grade to KONTAKT 5, are eligible for a free copy of RETRO MACHINES MK 2. You'll receive this collection of 16 definitive analog synthesizers and keyboards once you have registered KONTAKT 5 - we’ll send you a download link for your free copy.

Top Features:
7 world-class instrument collections – 43 GB of sounds
Full-Featured Control Panel for each instrument
Groundbreaking new Authentic Expression Technology* for leading-edge true instrument simulation
New attribute-based browser and pre-tagged library
Universal import of virtually any sample format
19 high-end effects
True 64-Bit compatibility on PC and revolutionary Memory Server for Mac
Library browser with new box view
Enhanced convolution effect with more impulse responses
Wave Editor for intuitive looping, slicing and editing with freely drawable envelopes and MIDI drag and drop

Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64, 2 GB RAM

Mac OS X 10.6 (latest update) or 10.7, Intel Core Duo, 2 GB RAM

Audio Units
Core Audio
RTAS (Pro Tools 8 and higher)

Native 64-bit support for stand-alone and plug-in versions

1 GB free disk space / 48 GB for complete installation

ОС | OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Официальный сайт | Home Page:
Интерфейс | Interface: English
Размер | Size: 155.12 Mb

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Native Instruments Kontakt v5.0.3 VSTi RTAS (x86/x64)
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