TigerLogic Omnis Studio 5.2.3 Development

TigerLogic Omnis Studio 5.2.3 Development

Omnis Studio - интуитивная компонентная среда разработки, охватывающая весь цикл разработки приложений: моделирование, разработка, внедрение, сопровождение и модификация. Позволяет разрабатывать приложения для Windows, Linux, Solaris и Mac OS с использованием практически любой ODBC или JDBC совместимой базы данных, включая Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MS SQL, MySQL.

Omnis Studio Product Features :
Value-for-money RAD tool for developers and teams...

Omnis Studio is the original Rapid Application Development tool for Mac OSX, Linux and Windows. This page summarizes the main features and benefits that Omnis Studio provides and is also available in downloadable PDF form (right).

We are continually adding new features and enhancements to our products so please refer to the links for additional information on each topic. Omnis Studio: Features & Benefits
Web Application Development (more details)
Developing web applications: includes remote (web) form design, web components, remote tasks, HTML forms.
Omnis Server: lets you deploy Omnis web-based applications (requires purchase of server license on per concurrent user basis)
Omnis web client: the plug-in can be installed by anyone, but the web edition allows you to test forms in design mode.
Database support (more details)
SQL database access: Connect and manage multiple server databases, remote procedures, transactions, manage large objects and session pools (some features are DB specific).
Oracle, Sybase and DB2 multi-threaded DAMs (Data Access Modules) for direct access to leading databases.
PostgreSQL and MySQL multi-threaded DAMs (Data Access Modules)for direct access to MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.
ODBC and JDBC multi-threaded DAMs for generic data access.
Omnis SQL DAM to access Omnis data files using SQL.
Omnis data files (.df1) for desktop or LAN based data storage.
Integrated Development Environment (more details)
Omnis Version Control System (VCS): allows multiple projects, multiple server database repositories, check-in and flexible build options, class & project comparison, full management reports.
Development tools: includes Studio Browser for managing libraries, Component Store containing built-in and external components, Property Manager and Notation Inspector
Report tools: includes report and field methods, report inheritance, labels, Ad hoc reports.
Icon editor that includes 32-bit Alpha support
Extending Omnis (more details)
Omnis Web Services component; allows Omnis to act as client and server (web service provider) using Java Objects interface. (Requires separate plug-in serial number for Omnis Web Services clients; in addition, Omnis Server license is required to deploy your own Web Services)
Remote Studio Applet: allows Omnis code reuse via Java or COM using Perl, PHP, VBScript, or .NET.
XML (oXML component) lets you open, manipulate, and save XML documents via DOM level 2 API. (Evaluation version supplied: needs separate plug-in serial number to run full ver)
HTTP (WebWin32 component): provides a programmatic HTTP client interface, using the Win32 WinHttp API. (Evaluation version supplied: needs separate plug-in serial number to run full ver)
Java Objects: includes subclassing, method overloading and pattern matching, nested object arrays.
Encryption using Blowfish, OLE pictures and Automation.
Omnis Programming (more details)
Method editor and debugger: lets you write Omnis code for classes and objects, inspect variable values, watch variables, set breakpoints, monitor method stacks
Object orientation: includes inheritance, custom properties and methods, object classes
List programming: includes list variable notation, and list management
Window programming: includes all complex fields, subwindows, graph objects, and field styles
Import and export data, via SQL browser and Omnis I/E tools
Cross platform support
The Omnis Studio product DVD contains the SDK, Runtime, and Omnis Server installers for Windows, Mac OS X (Mac Intel), Linux and Solaris, plus Unicode and Non-Unicode for Win/Mac platforms. You can create an Omnis library on one supported platform and run it under any other without modification.

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