ReViSiT Professional v1.7.3

ReViSiT Professional v1.7.3

Трэккерное програмное обеспечение для VST хостов. Трэкинг - это метод сочинения музыки на компьютере также известный в свое время как и MIDI. Что-то в нем лучше, что-то нет - в любом случае, это другой метод. Трэкинг использовался в свое время в отдельном андеграундном (и бесплатном) ПО, называющемся "Треккеры", типичные придставители которого (Fast Tracker, Impulse Tracker) приобрели культовый статус с многомилионной армией пользователей. Интеграция треккерной архитектуры (особенно ее пользовательского интерфейса) в секвенсер приносит лучшее из обоих методов для композитора.

Feature Description

User Interface reViSiT inherits and extends the fast and powerful interface of Impulse Tracker 2 - allowing everything to be done with only a few strokes of the PC keyboard, while adding an enlarged and graphical interface with extended mouse support.

VST Host Playback Sync Like all trackers, reViSiT is able to playback by itself. However, because reViSiT is coded as a VST plug-in, it can receive time code from its host and thus synchronise is playback - use a sequencer's transport bar to start playback, or move the sequencer's playback cursor to a specific bar or note, and reViSiT will adapt automatically. reViSiT is also able to automatically adapt to time tempo varitations.

ASIO-optimised Audio Processing As a VST plug-in, reViSiT assumes the audio quality of the host. So, if your host (e.g. Cubase) runs at 192kHZ, then so does reViSiT. Internal processing, however, is always processed at 32-bit - regardless of the host's output bit-depth. The net result is 64 tracks of exquisite low-latency audio quality.

VST Host DSP Processing When the tracker is playing, the resultant audio is piped back to the VST host as an audio track. Once there, it can be processed by all the facilities afforded by the host, including VST and DirectX plug-ins. Furthermore, .WAV rendering becomes a thing of the past - the host will automatically process reViSiT's output when ever the user mixes (or bounces) the audio down, using the host's own features.

Integrated Software Sampler Sample-based synthesis is the lingua franca of trackers, and reViSiT is no exception. reViSiT features a 32-bit software sampler with envelopes (pitch, pan, volume and filter) and uniquely powerful keymapping facilities.

Native and supported file formats reViSiT's file format is a hybrid of XML, .WAV and .ZIP technologies to allow users and third-party developers to easily access and manipulate their songs and samples. The module is simply a standard .ZIP archive of the the pattern data (.XML) and sample files (.WAV), editable in a raft of external software. reViSiT v1.0 also supports many popular song and sample formats, including modules, samples and instruments from Scream Tracker, Impulse Tracker, Fast Tracker, and Protracker (and compatible), plus FLAC, .WAV and 32-bit sample files - and, in the future, AIFF samples, AKAI and EMU patches.

MIDI In / Out reViSiT exploits its VST host to provide sophisticated MIDI device support, for input and output (playback) - including control of other VSTi's that are active in the host. The MIDI In feature, coupled with the low-latency of ASIO sound systems will, in the future, even allow users to use reViSiT as a live software sampler. reViSiT v1.0 exploits the MIDI specification to provide as expressive and accurate a playback as can be afforded - enabling nearly all the standard tracker effects, including pitch slides (and portamentos), volume slides and channel panning.

Intuitive and easily-accessible support systems The full version of reViSiT will feature an advanced integrated support system, to service the needs of beginners and veterans alike. Critically, reference information (such as keyboard command and effect lists) will never be more than a keystroke or two away. However, for the learner, there will also be detailed help pages, interactive tutorials and dynamic hints and tips.

Hi-definition & Hi-resolution timing and editing reViSiT Pro opens up the space between the rows in the pattern, previously only accessible through effects commands. With the subrow editing features, you can edit your music at up to 32x the resolution, as naturally as you would a normal pattern. A rows-per-beat option is also available for changing the global resolution of patterns, when synchronised with the host.

Polyphonic* MIDI-Controlled Pattern Playback reViSiT Pro augments the basic tracker "order list" with the option to layer patterns using MIDI notes*, where different pitches trigger different patterns according to a user-defined mapping. This not only allows you to "play around" with your song live, using a MIDI instrument, but also means you can do all your arranging - be it tracked, sequenced and recorded music - in the host. (* layering only in 1.6+)

Surround Sound Support The tracker notation format lends itself to spatialised sound much better than its sequencer and MIDI-based cousins. reViSiT Pro boasts a comprehensive surround sound implementation, including support for quadraphonic (4.0) and 5.1 sound modes. See here for more information.

Advanced Output Routing (reBUS) reViSiT Pro allows you to send individual channels, instruments, samples or even notes to any of 16 output busses, each of which can support up to 5.1 audio. Added pattern effects (S0x) even allow you to change the routing on-the-fly. The audio is delivered from the reViSiT VSTi plugin to "reBUS" VST effect plugins, allowing you to feed the submixes into VST host tracks. See here for more information.

Standard MIDI File Import* Load any of the thousands of MIDI musical works on the Internet and edit them in reViSiT Pro. Learn about how composition techniques by tinkering with famous tracks, or give them your own interpretation by remixing them. reViSiT also includes special editing tools to fine tune the conversion of MIDI data to tracker patterns.

Pattern Annotations and Comments* Scribble notes to your self over the pattern, using the annotation feature. Move to a row, or make a selection, and hit @ to switch to annotation mode, then write anything you like, beside your music. For example, you could label sections of your music, put down place-holders for things "To Do" later, annotate a piece with lyrics, write an introductory page for your piece, send greetings to your listeners or jot down any kind of notes to yourself - the options are literally endless!

Pattern Layers* Like photo editing, reViSiT Pro allows you to layer up to 4 patterns on top of each other. Each pattern's data is mixed together at playback, allowing you to overlay music on top of a base layer, dynamically replacing any data in that underneath. Layers can be used in many ways, such as separating patterns into melodic, harmonic and rhythmic parts (using different channels, which can then combined in the final mix) or writing a template base pattern which you can then add to or override as necessary.

Pattern Management* To give you a broader overview of your music, reViSiT Pro offers a screen showing thumbnails of patterns, with tools to manage them (move, copy, insert, delete). This helps you to move about quickly and keep track of the wider song, between episodes of low-level note editing, in the Pattern Editor. It is also possible to trigger pattern or song playback from the Browser.

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