Saira v1.0 (by Nifflas' Games)

Saira v1.0 (by Nifflas' Games)

Новый нелинейный платформер от создателя таких шедевров как Knytt, Knytt Stories и Within a Deep Forest.
Сэйра - космическая путешественница в далёком будущем космической эры. Недавно она получила известия о трагическом происшествии от близкого друга на Марсе, но её корабль добирался бы туда целую вечность. Сэйра решила использовать телепорт, чтобы быстро достичь пункта назначения - после прибытия она обнаруживает, что все люди таинственным образом пропали без следа, причём не только на Марсе. После долгих поисков Сэйра нашла лишь одного человека - Бобо, с которым ей предстоят длинные путешествия...

reviously teased as "Project Q", Nygren's latest 2D platform game is heavily influenced by classic puzzle adventure games and uses a new unique graphical style combining high resolution photography into a lush and mysterious world. Developed almost as much in the outdoors as indoors, Saira relies heavily on recreating a beautiful universe with up to 11 layers of high definition parallax scrolling in a world that only Nicklas could create.
The eponymous Saira is a photographer who specializes in digitally capturing dangerous places and animals across the universe. For reasons unknown, she finds herself as the only remaining person in the entire galaxy. Saira has no weapons, she will use only her mind and agility to progress through seven star systems and over 60 well-crafted puzzles. Over two hours of originally-scored music will help her maintain focus and unlock one of six vastly unique endings.
Nygren, whose previous projects include Within a Deep Forest, Knytt and Knytt Stories, teamed up with French composer and designer, Yann van der Cruyssen--the latter having composed a large portion of the game's two-hour plus soundtrack. Although composed via traditional PC workstations, Saira's audio involved everything from portable game consoles to circuit bent toys and even artwork converted to musical instruments!

Saira is a non-linear 2D puzzle platformer in which levels are separated into worlds that you can travel to at any time, although every journey uses up your ship's energy and the batteries must be charged first before you can embark on another trip. The objective of the game is basically to search for parts that could be used to build a teleporation device, so that you can reunite Saira and her friend Bobo who is on a distant planet somewhere in the galaxy.

Most of the puzzles that you encounter are stored within computers, consoles or terminals, and solving a riddle usually opens up an entirely new area that players can explore further. Your PDA's camera feature will come in handy for taking snapshots of puzzle hints in every world, but storage is limited and no new pictures will be added when the memory banks are full.

The game features multiple endings, and the one that is shown to the player is decided by the quality of the parts that you use for your teleportation device. Depending on the outcome that you are aiming for, it could take up to an entire day or two to find all parts and gain access to all of the ending sequences included.

System requirements:
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
• 800 MHz
• 256 MB RAM

Resolution: 1024x600 Fullscreen/Windowed
Размер: 240 MB
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Saira v1.0 (by Nifflas' Games) Saira v1.0 (by Nifflas' Games) Saira v1.0 (by Nifflas' Games) Saira v1.0 (by Nifflas' Games)

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Saira v1.0 (by Nifflas' Games)
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