Spectromancer v1.03 (by Apus Software & Three Donkeys)

Spectromancer v1.03 (by Apus Software & Three Donkeys)

Spectromancer - аналог популярной карточной игры Magic: The Gathering. В игре предоставлено шесть школ магии, доступных для выбора при старте, а магия базируется на пяти школах: четырёх элементах стихий и пятом, зависящем от школы магии. Это, соответственно, Клерики, Механики, Некромансеры, Хаосмастеры, Доминаторы и Иллюзионисты. Каждая школа обладает своим уникальным набором заклинаний.
Игроки могут сражаться как с себе подобными, так и с искусственным интеллектом. Их ждёт множество сильных противников и сложных поединков, победить в которых удастся лишь настоящим мастерам карточной тактики.

Spectromancer is an epic strategy game co-designed by Alexey Stankevich and Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering that sends you on a journey from apprentice mage to planet-shattering master. For ages, peace and order have reigned across Revnia. But a time of great change is coming and it’s up to you to build your strength and fight the nation’s greatest threat in a thousand years.
In Spectromancer players participate in a magical duel against other mages by strategically summoning creatures and casting spells. Each mage uses five magical elements during a duel - Fire, Water, Air and Earth, plus a fifth related to the specific mage type. There are six mage types in the game: Clerics use Holy power; Mechanicians use Mechanics; Necromancers use Death; Chaosmasters use Chaos; Dominators uses Control and Illusionists use Illusions. Players are able to duel against the computer or against other online players live.
Play in single-player campaign and take on the corrupt council of magic and its innumerable minions. After polishing your skills in single-player, test your limits in exciting multi-player combat.

Game features:
• Open your mind and discover your power. Build your character’s spells and abilities over time in the extensive single-player campaign filled with surprising challenges.
• Be first in your class. Master eight special spells per class, making each duel distinctly different.
• Unlock over 100 cards. As you explore the world, you add new spells and new allies to your side, each of which opens new strategic options to master.
• Simple to understand, difficult to master. An elegantly-designed battle system pits you against hundreds of scenarios of engaging tactical depth.
• Think fast! Go head to head with other masters in hotseat, LAN or online multiplayer battles.
• Gloat over your victories. Earn badges for your accomplishments and view them in your in-game profile.
• Online League. Check out the leaderboards so that you always know where you stand with the competition.

• Minotaur Commander now is 6/20 creature (up from 6/19).
• Bargul now is 8/22 creature (up from 8/21).
• Armageddon now deals 8+Х damage (down from 9+X).
• Dragon now is 9/42 creature (down from 10/40).
• Merfolk Overlord now is 7/34 creature (up from 7/32).
• Water Elemental now heals 10 life to owner when summoned (down from 12 life).
• Mind Master now is 6/22 creature (up from 5/22).
• Faerie Sage now is 4/19 creature (down from 4/20).
• Phoenix now is 6/18 creature (down from 6/19). Phoenix now can be killed by Tornado and Blood Ritual.
• Lightning Cloud now is 4/20 creature (up from 4/19).
• Air Elemental now has 44 life (up from 42 life).
• Titan now is 9/40 creature (up from 8/42).
• Elven Healer now is 2/12 creature (up from 1/13).
• Forest Sprite now is 1/22 creature (up from 1/20).
• Giant Spider now is 4/20 creature (down from 5/20) and his spiders are 2/11 creatures (up from 2/9).
• Troll now is 6/25 creature (up from 6/24).
• Earth Elemental now has 48 life (down from 50 life).
• Master Healer now is 3/36 creature (up from 3/35).
• Hydra now is 3/40 creature (down from 3/42).
• Archangel now is 8/44 creature (down from 11/50) and when summoned owner receives 2 Air power in addition to healing effect.
• Banshee now is 4/19 creature (up from 4/17).
• Emissary of Dorlak now is 7/42 creature (up from 7/40).
• When Drain Souls is cast it replaced with Rage of Souls spell card until end of duel.
• Rage of Souls spell costs 7 death power and deals (9+caster's Death power) damage to each of opponent's creatures. Caster receives 2 life for each creature destroyed by this spell.
• Greater Demon now is 8/48 creature (down from 10/60) and when summoned it deals damage to opponent and to opponent's creatures (was only to opponent's creatures), but not more than 10 damage.
• Dwarven Rifleman now is 4/17 creature (up from 4/16).
• Ornithopter now is 4/23 creature (up from 6/18).
• Steel Golem now is 6/19 creature (up from 6/18).
• Cannon now is 8/30 creature (down from 8/32).
• Steam Tank now is 8/42 creature (down from 8/45).
• Wall of Reflection now is 0/20 creature (up from 0/19).
• Oracle now is 9/40 creature (was 10/37).
• Hypnotyst now is 5/40 creature (down from 6/40) and when summoned it deals 5 damage (down from 6 damage).
• Goblin Shaman now is 4/12 creature (down from 5/11).
• Weakness now deals 3 damage (down from 5 damage).
• Ancient Horror now is 5/24 creature (up from 5/23).
• Ancient Witch now is 4/18 creature (down from 5/18).
• Ancient Giant now is 9/52 creature (down from 11/50).
• Insanian Peacekeeper now is 4/13 creature (up from 4/12).
• Insanian Shaman now is 3/21 creature (up from 3/20).
• Insanian lord now is 6/26 creature (up from 6/25).
• Insanian Catapult now is 6/35 creature (up from 6/32).
• Insanian King now is 6/45 creature (down from 8/48) and summons Insanian Soldier in the end of owner's turn (was in the beginning of turn).

System requirements:
• Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
• DirectX 8
• 800 MHz
• 128 MB RAM

Resolution: 1024x768 Fullscreen/Windowed/Desktop

Размер: 19.2 MB
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Spectromancer v1.03 (by Apus Software & Three Donkeys) Spectromancer v1.03 (by Apus Software & Three Donkeys) Spectromancer v1.03 (by Apus Software & Three Donkeys)

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Spectromancer v1.03 (by Apus Software & Three Donkeys)

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