TurboLaunch v5.1.1

TurboLaunch v5.1.1

TurboLaunch – это довольно удобная утилита для быстрого запуска наиболее часто используемых программ. Экономит массу места на рабочем столе, позволяя поместить ярлыки на маленькую удобную полностью настраиваемую панель, причем панель не простая, а многовкладочная, что позволяет распределить программы по категориям. Портативная версия - работает с любого носителя (Flash, CD и т.д.)

The fastest and easiest way to run all of your favorite programs!TurboLaunch is a fully configurable tool-bar style application that can be set up to run many programs and perform certain pre-programmed actions. Like a toolbar, pictures are used to distinguish what a button is configured to do. TurboLaunch automatically uses the default icon, but you have complete control and can change the icon to whatever you want!

The buttons on TurboLaunch are easy to configure! By dragging and dropping programs, files, shortcuts, or folders, you can instantly configure that button to run the dropped object. You can also configure buttons manually by specifying their command, parameters, working folder, and window style. You even have the ability to assign a shortcut key to any button, allowing you to quickly run that button with a simple keyboard command.

Not only can you configure a button to run a program, but you can also configure buttons to perform certain pre-programmed actions. By configuring a button to Activate the Screen Saver, Shutdown Windows, Install a Program, Reboot the System, or more, you have single-click access to things that normally take several steps to perform!

You can also configure any button on TurboLaunch to establish a network connection (such as the Internet or a VPN connection). This makes connecting to your Internet service provider a snap, with cool features such as Auto Redial and Disconnect if Already Connected. Assign a shortcut key to your network connection so you can connect and disconnect with just a simple keystroke!

TurboLaunch is fully configurable. You can adjust the number of rows and columns of buttons that appear on the TurboLaunch window, or even organize them into groups. Remove the title bar, make TurboLaunch always stay on top of other windows, and resize the buttons bigger or smaller for easier viewing or to save screen space!

After using TurboLaunch for just a short time, we are sure you will find TurboLaunch to be an invaluable tool for your Windows environment!

TurboLaunch: Key Features

• Fully configurable buttons provide single-click access to all of your favorite programs. No more navigating through the countless cascading menus in the Start Button!
• The number of rows and columns of buttons can be customized to suit your specific needs.
• Buttons can be organized into groups, and they can be resized for greater visibility or to save valuable screen space.
• Each button can be configured to run any program, document, shortcut, folder, or drive.
• Buttons may be configured to perform certain pre-programmed actions, such as rebooting the system, activating the screen saver, shutting down, and more.
• Network connections (such as the Internet or a VPN connection) can be established and disconnected.
• A Shortcut Key can be assigned to a button for extremely rapid launching with just a quick keyboard command.
• Comprehensive online help and an uninstall option.

Advanced Features

• Automatic extraction of a program's default icon for use as a picture on the button.
• The icon used as the picture on a button is fully configurable: any icon out of any file may be used!
• Objects such as programs, documents, shortcuts, folders, or drives may be dropped onto any button to quickly configure TurboLaunch.
• Parameters, working folders, window styles, and descriptions are completely configurable.
• A Shortcut Key can be assigned to a button for extremely rapid launching with just a quick keyboard command.
• 16-bit Windows programs may be run in separate memory spaces for greater multitasking efficiency and crash protection.
• Dynamic Parameter tokens lets you specify all or part of a parameter at the time you click the button.
• "Drop 'n Launch" feature allows you to set up a button so that when a file is dropped on it, the program assigned to that button is started with that file.
• Configuration information is stored in the Registry, allowing each Windows user to have their own TurboLaunch configuration.
• The configuration can be password-protected to keep unauthorized users from making any changes!
• Icon information is automatically cached for rapid starting of TurboLaunch.
• "Roll Up When Not Active" option reduces the size of the TurboLaunch window when it is not active.
• "Prevent Double Runs" option stops accidental double-clicks on buttons from launching the button twice.
• Many, many more options not listed here!

Version 5.1.1 – March 2, 2009

Fixed a bug where TurboLaunch would not come to the foreground when dropping an object onto an already-configured button, therefore making the prompt to overwrite the button hard to notice.

Homepage - www.savardsoftware.com/turbolaunch/index.asp

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TurboLaunch v5.1.1

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