Agama Web Buttons v2.66

Agama Web Buttons v2.66

Agama Web Buttons - программа которая поможет Вам в считанные минуты создавать уникальные кнопки для Web профессионального качества. С Agama Web Buttons Вы можете создать разнообразие 2-х и 3-х мерные кнопки следующих стилей: гладкие, металлические, пластмассовые и даже стиль XP. Кнопки с мультипликацией из предопределенных шаблонов.Базовый инсталлятор Agama Web Buttons содержит 70 пакетов с более тогда 700 шаблонами кнопок. В отличие от других программ, Вы можете загрузить новые пакеты с привлекательными шаблонами кнопок с сайта программы бесплатно.

This software enables you to create professional quality, unique web buttons in a matter of minutes. With Agama web Buttons you can create a variety of 2D and 3D glassy, metallic, plastic and even XP or Vista style Animated web buttons from predefined templates. Base installation of Agama Web Buttons contains 70 packages with more then 700 web button templates for instant use.


-- Easy to Use, Professional Results Agama Web Buttons is a very easy program to use. You'll be making web buttons within minutes of installation! But the ease of use doesn't come at the sacrifice of quality.

-- Hundreds of Templates Over 700 business-like templates are included in thise program. See our gallery for some examples. Virtually every aspect of the button template can be modified.

-- New Templates for Your Lifetime You can download new packages with professional button templates from this site for free!

-- Animated Buttons Creating Animated buttons just got easy! Add the animated GIF to Your button and you will have an animated multi-state buttons!

-- Create your own button Templates All of your settings (text, font, size, colors, etc.) can be saved as a new template, to an existing or new package. Graphics can be edited and regenerated in seconds. Selected package with your templates can be send by Email directly from this program. This will save you an unbelievable amount of time. It also makes possibilities to reuse and share projects with your friends and co-workers.

-- Multi-State Buttons Creating rollover buttons just got easy! Agama Web Buttons can create images for the normal and mouse-over states and writes the necessary HTML and JavaScript code for you. Several multi-state templates are included to make this as effortless as possible!

-- Built-in HTML templates Agama Web Buttons contains several built-in HTML templates for your Web projects. You can create your own web pages with graphics menu in seconds. The Attribute Inspector enables to you change the look of HTML template without a knowledge of HTML and JavaScript!

-- Multiple Output Formats and Transparent Color Supported All standard Web image formats are supported, including:
- GIF (3-256 colors optimization) transparent color supported
- PNG (8-bit) transparent color supported
- JPEG (0-100% compression levels)
- BMP (24 bit)

-- Web Preview and Code Generation Preview your button or menu in a web browser with the click on a preview button. HTML and JavaScript code is automatically generated to display your buttons.

-- Text Style Quality Quality of text style is a key factor for us. You can choose many text styles:

-- Clipart Gallery The installation contains large icons gallery. Just add an icon into your buttons.

Agama Web Buttons v2.66
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Agama Web Buttons v2.66
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Agama Web Buttons v2.66

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