Sharp World Clock 4.21

Sharp World Clock 4.21

Sharp World Clock - программа точного Мирового Времени. Показывает не только время в различных точках земли, но также может улучшить ваши познания в географии (государственные границы, городские позиции, флаги). Отображает восход и заход солнца, лунные фазы и характеристики, многочисленные будильники и календарь с напоминанием! Требуется Microsoft .Net Framework

This is the home of the Sharp World Clock - perhaps the most sophisticated and beautiful World Time program for Windows that you will find anywhere on the web. It is not only a universal time piece with almost every function you can imagine, using the most sophisticated and modern programming techniques - it can even improve your knowledge with Country Flags and State Borders on its built-in World Map and is intuitively and easy to use.

Due to the always up-to-date Daylight Saving rules (with web update), this program will always tell you the exact time of every country on earth. It also tells the precise Sunrise and Sunset time for each location and even the Moon Phase. There is a built-in Time Zone Converter, a multiple Alarm Clock and a Calendar with reminder plus Atomic (Internet) Time Synch, System Tray mode and Always-On-Top mode.

Feature Summary:
• Any number of clocks you need, in every possible line (horizontal / vertical) or grid arrangement
• Unlimited styles - use the clock with or without title bar and window frame
• Fully customizable list with cities from every country in the world (the capital of every country in the world is included - plus many others)
• Add, change or delete cities and select Favourites for quicker access
• Display the time on Analogue and/or Digital Clocks
• Choose from a variety of Date and Time Formatters, which you can set up individually for each clock (including Swatch Beat); switch from 12 hour mode to 24 hour mode and back anytime
• Select any Color or Background Image combination you like (30 adjustable style presets are included); you can change them or make up your own!
• World Map with time zones, earth shadow (see in which parts of the earch there is day or night) and the sun's position; 6x zoom with country borders
• Optional acoustic Hour Signal and Quarter Signal (church bell style, sound can be configured)
• Accurate Sunrise, Sunset and Moon Phase calculation (no internet connection required; the values are calculated off-line)
• Country Flags of all countries, even on top of the clock faces
• New: a powerful and easy-to-use RSS/Atom Feed Reader with search function keeps you in touch with your favourite news feeds from the internet
• Unique "Artifical Sky" (graphical representation of the day/night sky) for every clock, from which you can see the position of the sun on the horizon
• Always up-to-date Daylight Saving Time (DST) database, with internet update
• System Tray (Icon) mode, Always On Top mode
• Sticks to screen border, if moved near it; works on every monitor in a multi-monitor environment.
• Time Zone Converter - convert easily from one timezone to another for any given date and time
• Alarm Clock with 3 independent alarms (one-time or daily, silent or with sound - a collection of sound files is included)
• Handy little Calendar with reminder function
• Atomic Clock Synchronization with one of several pre-configured time servers via Internet
• Easy to use and to configure: You probably won't need the help files at all - all the bells and whistles if you like, but still intuitive and simple! It's not only a tool - it's also a toy!
• Ready for multi-monitor-environments and Windows Vista.
• Excellent stablilty and accuracy. No internet connection required during normal use.

Sharp World Clock 4.21
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Sharp World Clock 4.21

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ну такая себе программа...не фонтан! не очень мне нравиться её вид, я надеялся что будет симпатичнее....

Если девушка не только красивая но исчо и умная, то еб@ть ее не только приятно но исчо и интересно)))

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