VA - Mauro Picotto Presents Meganite Ibiza 2008 [2CD] (2008)

VA - Mauro Picotto Presents Meganite Ibiza 2008 [2CD] (2008)

Артист: VA
Название: Mauro Picotto Presents Meganite Ibiza 2008
Лейбл: Big In Ibiza
Жанр: Trance
Дата выхода: 16-07-2008
Тип: сет
Количество треков: 2 (+ cue)
Формат: MP3
Качество записи: 200 VBRkbps, Joint Stereo, Original
Размер: 213 MB



01. Mauro Picotto – Dubai – Secret
Cinema Remix
02. Mauro Picotto – Flashing
03. Athos & Riccardo Ferri – Mescolone
04. Daniele Papini – Altered Meeting
05. Mauro Picotto – Mauro Picotto –
Evribadi – Adam Beyer Remix
06. Daniele Papini – Pixel – Riccardo
Ferri Remix
07. Alen Sforzina & Riccardo Ferri –
08. Mauro Picotto – Shark
09. Mauro Picotto – Komonster
10. Daniele Papini – The Church Of
11. Danilo Vigorito & Rino Cerrone –
12. Markantonio & Joseph Capriati –
Codice Morse
13. Mauro Picotto – Rizlard
14. Mauro Picotto – Technofour
15. Athos – Lo-File – Riccardo Ferri
16. Gabry Fasano – Architetto


01. Mauro Picotto - Komonster - Intro
02. Mauro Picotto - Stonehead - Hale
03. Mauro Picotto - Dubai - Original
04. Mauro Picotto - The Kite
05. Mauro Picotto - Stormi di Darghi -
Devid Mix
06. Mauro Picotto - Greens - Reccardo
Ferri Live Mix
07. Mauro Picotto - Contaminado -
Meganite Mix
08. Mauro Picotto - Maybe, Maybe Not -
Christian Smith and John Selway
09. Mauro Picotto - Lizard 2008 -
Sequence 11 aka Sterbinszky Remix
10. Mauro Picotto - Ibiza Angel - Rex
Mundi Remix
11. Mauro Picotto - Mehr Taub - Gabry
Ribetti Mix
12. Mauro Picotto - Evribadi -
Fonzerelli Remix
13. Mauro Picotto - Iguana - Megavoices
14. Mauro Picotto - New Time New Place
- Original Mix
15. Mauro Picotto – Komodo (Save A
Soul) – Megavoices Caxxix Mix

Since Mauro Picotto decided to launch his Electronic Music Lifestyle Party at the Miami Winter Music Conference (WMC) in 2002, the event has become a phenomenon, going from strength to strength, hosting nights all over the world and this year returning to Ibiza for its fifth successful year at Privilege, the World’s Biggest Club. Meganite is the full and complete representation of Mauro’s desires. It’s his people with his favourite DJs doing what they want to do, knowing it’s what the crowd wants too. This compilation represents just that, the music that makes Meganite, its DJs and Mauro Picotto so special.

CD1, mixed live by Mauro showcases those sounds he has developed, the tracks that all contain the elements that fulfill Mauro’s needs for groove, his need for bass and his need for something different that lifts spirits and vibrates bones. All tracks are exclusive to Mauro’s respected Alchemy label.
If you’ve been to a Meganite this CD will bring back the vibe, if you’ve never had a chance to go it will transport you there and allow you to live the experience with anthems such as the escalating and energy fuelled, Church Of Nonsense, Rizlard and Shark.

CD2, Mauro Picotto Past & Present - 10 years of Classics and Remixes, showcases some of Mauro’s biggest tracks to date, with remixes and edits by Mauro, his team of likeminded studio manipulators and others. Including the original mix of Iguana and a brand new remix of Lizard for 2008, two of the tracks which helped establish Mauro’s early career. Building through Fonzerelli’s remix of last year’s club smash Evribadi and Smith & Selway’s remix of Maybe, Maybe Not. As well as showcasing some of Mauro’s killer new tunes including the beautifully uplifting, The Kite and Contaminato.

Over the 5 years there have been several Meganite compilations and this season sees this very special version appearing on the BIG IN IBIZA label (with other key artists joining Mauro Picotto including Jonathan Ulysses, Fonzerelli, Tito Puente Jnr and more). 2008 will be yet another milestone in Mauro Picotto’s career and the Meganite parties will be unforgettable!

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VA - Mauro Picotto Presents Meganite Ibiza 2008 [2CD] (2008)
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VA - Mauro Picotto Presents Meganite Ibiza 2008 [2CD] (2008)

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