Trillian Astra 4.0 Build 83 (IRC added)

Trillian Astra 4.0 Build 83 (IRC added)

Trillian - Программа способна выполнять функции ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, IRC-клиента и Yahoo! Messenger - после ее установки можно будет обмениваться сообщениями сразу во всех перечисленных сетях без установки самих программ ICQ, AIM и т.д. Доступны такие возможности, как поддержка множественных ICQ/AIM одновременных сессий, мультисерверные соединения, настраиваемые звуковые эффекты, расшаривание ресурсов, поддержка скинов и многое другое.

Trillian™ is a fully featured, stand-alone, skinnable chat client that supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC. It provides capabilities not possible with original network clients, while supporting standard features such as audio chat, file transfers, group chats, chat rooms, buddy icons, multiple simultaneous connections to the same network, server-side contact importing, typing notification, direct connection (AIM), proxy support, encrypted messaging (AIM/ICQ), SMS support, and privacy settings.

Build 83 Changelog:

[AIM] Background Formatting Lost
FIXED [AIM] Chat Silently Fails
FIXED [AIM] Join/Leave Messages Suppressed On Chat
FIXED [AIM] Unknown Translation On Chat Request Window
FIXED [BONJOUR] bonjour wont connect automatically
FIXED [ICQ] ICQ in Build 82 not backward compatible with Trillian 3.1
FIXED [MSN] Attempting to access MSN settings crashes Astra
FIXED [MSN] Disconnected user doesn't disappear from list
FIXED [MSN] Messages with multiple lines are concatenated into a single line
FIXED [MSN] MSN does not connect properly, all MSN contacts become orphans
FIXED [OSCAR] Multi-line Away Messages no longer possible for AIM since Build 82.
FIXED [OSCAR] Online Alias/Alias not saved on Upgrade to Build 82
FIXED [OSCAR] OSCAR plugin have problems with cyrillic while talking to ICQ6
FIXED [Request] Change OSCAR plugin's name to "AIM & ICQ"
FIXED [XMPP] Google Talk invited contact appears as orphaned
FIXED [XMPP] [Crash] Crash after clearing My Icon

FIXED [Activity History] Assets have a black background
FIXED [Alerts] Alerts in debug mode?
FIXED [Alerts] Change of look
FIXED [Alerts] Clicking on Alert 'X is preparing a new message'
FIXED [Alerts] If the height of an alert changes, reorganize
FIXED [Alerts] IRC Channel not shown in tray alert
FIXED [Alerts] notifier.avatar variable
FIXED [Contact List] "Last seen" time not always correct
FIXED [Contact List] Contact Info popup shows on wrong monitor in Multi Monitor setup
FIXED [Contact List] Last seen time is incorrect
FIXED [Contact List] Metacontacts' "Last seen" time not displayed correctly
FIXED [Crash] Build 82 crashes every time at start if proxy is on
FIXED [Crash] Crash on copy/paste in MSN
FIXED [Languages] Skin cache not regenerated on language change
FIXED [SDK] additions to the browser_location_t structure to allow for a floating window
FIXED [Setup] Auto update installer should make backups properly of the xml files
FIXED [Setup] Autoupdate should clear skin cache
FIXED [Skins] Menus take focus away (or reset
FIXED [Skins] Snap region for windows with shadow borders

* Updated mail tooltips to include timestamp and message excerpt.
* Alerts now support bubbles, more compact look, inline reply, medium icons.

* New Facebook plugin. Includes:
** 14 Notifications.
** News Feed in your contact list.
** Status message synchronization.
** Inbox integration.
** Proxy support.
** Detailed preferences.

* IRC reintroduced. Includes:
** Fully UTF-8 compliant while sending and receiving messages.
** Basic notification functionality, integrated into your contact list.
** Sending and receiving files via DCC.
** Built-in ident server.
** Connect to password protected IRC servers and bouncer software.
** Perform Buffer functionality to automatically set modes, identify with services and join channels when you sign on.
** Automatically reconnect and rejoin channels when the server connection is interrupted.
** CTCP command support.
** Widely configurable.
** SSL secured IRC server connections.
** Colors and formatted text, off or on at your discretion.
** Improved proxy support.
** Improved DCC settings.
** DCC CHAT support.
** Functionality to automatically remember channel keys, so you don't have to.
** Auto nick-change when you go away.
** New commands.
** Improved textual output of commands and server replies.
** Improved support for advanced features of the IRC protocol (SAFELIST, UHNAMES, NAMESX).
** Change channel topics, modes and ban lists using a convenient interface.
** More secure chats than ever, thanks to built-in Blowfish encryption and 1080 bit key exchange (fully compliant to many other IRC clients).
** Ignore list.
** Channel list, neatly integrated with Trillian's Chat Browser.
** Support for irc:// URIs.
** Option to enable the ident server only while connecting.
** Various other improvements.
** Seamlessly integrated into Trilian Astra.

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Trillian Astra 4.0 Build 83 (IRC added)

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