Serv-U - это программа, которая является мощным FTP-сервером и обладает простым интерфейсом. Она позволяет назначать права доступа к файлам и каталогам различным пользователям? cоздавать несколько виртуальных FTP серверов и многое другое, что необходимо для полноценной работы FTP сервера. Serv-U позволяет создать FTP-сервер с высокой степенью защищенности, предназначенный для создания серверов любого размера. Характерная особенность - открытая архитектура, позволяющая без особого труда расширять, дополнять и модернизировать сервер за счет использования внешних DLL.

Serv-U offers the following:
- Easy to set up and use.
- A Windows standard, with over 50000 registered users!
- Support for Secure-FTP through SSL/TLS.
- Support for ODBC databases for accounts.
- Lots of security through passwords, read/write/append/modify rights per directory or file for each user (including Anonymous), and access restrictions based on IP address.
- Fast and rock solid!
- Multiple 'virtual' FTP servers can be set up on a single instance of Serv-U.
- Server can be administered remotely.
- Supports S/KEY one-time passwords.
- Support for temporary accounts that are automatically deleted upon expiration.
- Support for UL/DL ratios, disk quota limitations, network bandwidth limiting, and automatic anti-anti-time-out plus anti-hammering measures.
- Full UNC path support.
- Support for virtual paths. Directories or drives can be mapped to any location in a user's directory structure.
- Support for 'links' such as those used in UNIX.
- Full support for all 'ls' directory listing options.
- Support for messages to users, or from users to the server.
- Users can be put into groups for easy maintenance of large numbers.
- A complete implementation of the FTP standard in RFC959, RFC1123, RFC1760, RFC2228, RFC2246, RFC2289, RFC2389 and the Secure-FTP draft.
- Supports resuming of file uploads and downloads.
- Configurable messages for sign-on, sign-off, login, and directory changes.
- Has time-out and time-limit features, so connections are automatically
cleared when idle, hung, or connected too long.
- Easy to setup and maintain through a separate administrator program. For automated maintenance the settings are stored in either an .INI file, registry, or ODBC database of simple format.
- Has an open architecture which makes monitoring, changing and extending the server behavior possible through external DLLs.
- Logs all transactions to file and screen that can be read by other applications. Includes unique session IDs, time, and date stamps.

Serv-U Corporate addresses the need for a business-class FTP server with no limitations and the ability to grow with your business. With this in mind, Serv-U Corporate allows the following:
- ODBC database support
- Integrated SSL Support
- Unlimited domains with an unlimited number of concurrent connections
- Unlimited number of user accounts
- Support for directory mapping and links
- Support of UL/DL ratios and quotas
- Support for remote administration
- Windows User NT-SAM / Active Directory Support (July 16, 2008)
+ Added support for FTP Voyager JV to run on the Mac OS X operating systems that have Apple's Java SE 6 update installed.
+ Added support for Apple Safari.
+ Added support for Mozilla Firefox 3.
+ Greatly decreased memory usage while maintaining user collections in the Management Console, especially while working with very large numbers of users.
+ Improved database access times, mostly apparent while the Management Console is building the database users list.
+ Added support for Oracle databases. Tested with Oracle XE.
+ Added the ability to set a maximum disk space size for a domain, configurable only by a system administrator, not a domain administrator. This feature allows hosting companies to limit the amount of disk space used by a single domain.
+ Added the "Venture" theme for the tray icon.
+ Decreased memory usage while upgrading from Serv-U 6.x.
+ Added Russian language installation.
+ Added the ability to manually enter a directory path to go to in the Basic Web Client.
+ Added an upgrade message (when upgrading from Serv-U 6.x) that explains message variable formats have changed to start with "$" instead of "%". Message files must be converted manually.
+ Updated Swedish, Finish, Norwegian, and Danish strings.
+ Improved the Basic Web Client upload error handling. When errors occur during an upload, the Basic Web Client now displays an error message on certain failures such as insufficient disk space and over quota messages.
+ Improved the FTP Voyager JV upload error handling. When errors occur during an upload, the Basic Web Client now displays an error message on certain failures such as insufficient disk space and over quota messages.
+ Added the ability to switch domains (using Virtual Hosts) during login for FTP clients that do not user or support the HOST command. The format for the USER command is "USER SP FQDN | username CRLF" where FQDN is the Serv-U virtual host (i.e., "USER host|userid").
+ Added the ability to switch domains (using Virtual Hosts) during login for SSH clients. The user ID can be specified as the virtual host name, followed by "|" then the login ID.
+ After a successful HOST FTP command, Serv-U also returns the sign on message for that domain.
+ Changed the use of the PASV port range to circulate through each of the ports instead of using the first available port. This was done so that some NAT routers work better with Serv-U and to be more consistent with previous versions of Serv-U.
- Corrected a bug on some systems when running as a service when access to removable drives was enabled only for the console user, not the service account (via HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon, values allocatefloppies, allocatedasd, and allocatecdroms set to 1), Serv-U would prompt for a password when trying to configure Serv-U via the tray application.
- Corrected a bug where clicking the next button in the Media Player dialog when the last media file is selected would cause an error.
- Corrected a bug in the Tray's Theme Editor where the "Running" and "Listening Error" states were reversed.
- Corrected a bug in Serv-U's Group support where Serv-U was not ignoring the letter case of a group name, so when using database configurations from Serv-U 6.4 and lower, Serv-U would not recognize matching groups. In some cases this could lead to excessive use of memory. Servers not configured by previous versions data set are not affected.
- Corrected a bug where user collections were letter case sensitive by name.
- Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where the application would become unresponsive when attempting to open certain local file types.
- Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where date/time formats for different regions would cause FTP Voyager JV to become unresponsive at startup.
- Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where overwritten files were not being refreshed with the updated file information.
- Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where the formatted text in the transfer table's "Name" column was including directories for the number of files in the transfer group.
- Corrected a bug where window load events in the web browser were not being handled correctly. FTP Voyager JV would not automatically load due to this bug.
- Corrected a bug where backgrounds were being shown on images in the web page for starting FTP Voyager JV, when running Internet Explorer 6.
- Corrected a bug where the horizontal scroll bar would be shown in certain grids due to a sizing problem with grid columns.
- Corrected a bug where the FTP command, MDTM, was not allowing dates and times to be set on directories.
- Corrected a bug where the "Always allow login" input check box in domain groups was not being saved correctly.
- Corrected a bug where using Upload/Download Ratios could cause Serv-U to crash (GPF) when a user logs off.
- Corrected an HTTP quota bug where quotas were being ignored, and bytes would be counted double.
- Corrected a quota bug where the current quota bytes could go negative.
- Corrected a quota bug where overwriting existing files from the first position in the file (i.e., not resuming), would not restore credit to the quota.
- Corrected a quota bug where bytes uploaded were being recorded even when a quota was not in place.
- Corrected a bug where transparent PNG images on the login page were not rendering correctly when using IE 6.
- Corrected a Management Console bug where the rows in certain tables would not be displayed.
- Corrected a bug where changing the listener to a different type, but keeping it on the same port, would cause Serv-U to think it wasn't listening correctly, showing warning icons in the listener list and on the tray. This was a rare user configuration bug, and only occurs due to user action.
- Corrected a bug where Serv-U would attempt to recreate listening sockets when it didn't need to. This didn't affect Serv-U's performance, but this timed operation did use unnecessary CPU cycles.
- Corrected a problem where the floppy drive could be accessed when starting the tray's Management Console.
- Corrected a problem in the Management Console where images in the alert dialog would be broken if the connection with Serv-U was lost.
- Corrected a bug when using a Domain or Server level FTP message file containing a blank line, Serv-U could crash (GPF).
- Corrected a bug where setting a directory access rule maximum size for %HOME% or a directory containing %USER% would be ignored.
- Corrected a bug where setting a directory access rule for a directory without the Inherit permission, would cause listings using specific file names or wildcard file names to fail with a "Permission Denied" error.
- Corrected a wildcard permission problem where specifying wildcard access prior to other access, the wildcard access may not work as it did in previous versions.
- Corrected a permissions bug when resuming an upload. Serv-U was requiring delete permissions when append permissions were required for the resume. Delete permissions are only required when resuming anywhere other than at the end of the file.
- Corrected a bug where $DFree was returning the free disk space in KB instead of MB, as documented.
- Corrected a bug where message files using $IP could incorrectly assume an IP address returned by $IP (or other $ variable starting with a 3 digit number) was part of the FTP response code.
- Corrected a help documentation error where "$ServerDownloadAvgKBs" was documented, where it should have read "$ServerDownloadAvgKBps".
- Corrected a help documentation error that included incorrect information about disabling SSLv2 support.
- Corrected a bug where $UNonAnonAll could return a huge number (18,446,744,073,709,551,615 [0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF]).
- Corrected a bug where $U24H would return large numbers when HTTP connections also occurred.
- Corrected a bug where the bubble tip on the console page for domain administrators would not be shown.
- Corrected a bug where users just added to Serv-U would be required to change the password immediately instead of the specified number of days.
- Corrected a bug where Serv-U was not allowing "level 1: CA certificate" (the second level) and higher Certificate Authorities to be verified with clients.
- Corrected a bug where certain path fields could not be cleared, such as the Log File Path field for a domain.
- Corrected a database bug where numeric login IDs were being incorrectly selected from the database, due to missing quotation marks in the SQL search string. Databases were considering login ID "1" to be the same as "01".
- Corrected a database bug where custom column mappings were not working.

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