Nevercenter Silo 2.0.6 Final

Nevercenter Silo 2.0.6 Final

Silo 3D программа моделирования, программа которая поможет вам в моделировании 3D объектов, вы можете использовать эту программу в создании мультипликации, создании videogame и реализации собственных идей.

What is Silo? Silo is a 3D modeling program, a program that focuses on the construction and sculpting of shapes in 3D for use in design, animation, videogame creation, and idea communication. Silo does not have a built-in renderer, but can be linked directly to several external renderers for one-click rendering. Silo also allows export to most major 3D animation and rendering packages through obj, 3ds, dxf, rib, and pov export.


Hi-Res Displacement Painting
Silo lets you freely intermix hi-res displacement painting with standard modeling for the ultimate organic workflow. Generate normal maps from arbitrary high-res and low-res model pairs.

Hard-Surface Precision
Work in feet and inches, meters, or generic units, all of which can be adjusted to the scale of existing models. Combined with snapping tools, it becomes easy to make a 3 inch bevel or to make one wall precisely 3 meters away from another.

LSCM UV Unwrapping
Quickly and interactively unwrap UV coordinates using advanced LSCM (Least Squares Conformal Maps) techniques to add texture maps to your models. Edit UV maps with the same modeling tools used for geometry creation, so you don't have to learn an extra toolset.

Fewer Mouse Clicks
We know that every extra mouse click cuts into your workflow. Every tool in Silo has been streamlined and honed to work in a fast and predictable way, with fewer clicks.

Advanced Subdivision Surfaces
Silo's subdivision surfaces were built from the ground up to be incredibly fast and fully-integrated into all tools.

Topology Tools
After sculpting in Silo or another software, you can use Silo's Topology Tool to sketch new topology over your mesh, or use any number of Silo's tools with surface snapping active to constrain all your geometry additions and edits to your scultped mesh to easily form new topology.

Free File Converter
If you decide not to purchase Silo after your 30-day period expires, it will continue to function as a free file converter and "learning version".

Minimal Interface
Only a few useful buttons are on-screen in the default interface (which you can customize to have lots of buttons if that's your thing). Assign any function to any mouse or keyboard button, and you're left with little between you and your model.

100% Customization
Completely customize all mouse buttons, keyboard shortcuts, interface buttons, and UI colors to your liking. Make your middle mouse button perform extrudes if you want.

Scene Management
All the advantages of layers but the flexibility of overlapping groups. Using the scene editor, any object or group can be instantly switched in and out of its own layer to manage complex models.

Nevercenter Silo 2.0.6 Final
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Nevercenter Silo 2.0.6 Final
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Nevercenter Silo 2.0.6 Final

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